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#419798 - 06/29/17 12:42 PM [] Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules (2017)
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Announcing... Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - 4 prizes of $150

We recently introduced Xtra Styles PAK 3 for Band-in-a-Box - these are new RealStyles in four categories: Jazz, Country, Rock/Pop, and Americana. Now you could win a prize for submitting a song that you made using Xtra Styles PAK 3! We have one prize for each category. The winners will receive a $150 USD coupon for a future Band-in-a-Box purchase.

Participating can be as easy as typing in chords to a song, choosing an Xtra style, pressing play, then saving as an audio file and uploading to SoundCloud.

Please read the contest rules below. The contest is open for submission until midnight July 31, 2017 August 15, 2017.

Contest Rules

  • You must own Band-in-a-Box 2017 along with one or more of the Xtra Styles PAKs included in Xtra Styles PAK 3.
  • The song you submit must be your own original composition. As mentioned, this could be simply typing in chords to your song and pressing play, but you may also add additional instruments, solo, and/or melody.
  • Public domain songs will also be accepted.
  • Multiple entries are permitted.
  • Submit your song to the "Xtra Styles Contest" forum, before the deadline.

To submit a song:

1. Make a song using an Xtra Style from Xtra Styles PAK 3. Your song can be entirely Band-in-a-Box tracks, or you can add anything you want to it (vocals, additional instruments, etc.)

2. Save the song as an audio file and upload to SoundCloud (or somewhere else, as long as it can be downloaded/played from a url).

3. Post a new message in this forum, making sure to include: (1) a link to your song, (2) the name of the style you used (e.g. _SURVIVE), and (3) the category (e.g. Americana). Songs posted that do not list these 3 criteria will not be considered for this contest.

Start a new thread for your song, rather than replying to an existing thread. It is a good idea to include the title of your song in your post title. Note: If you're not sure of the category, look for the style name in the 'RealTracks - Demos\Xtra Styles' folder (e.g. RealTracks - Demos\Xtra Styles\Rock-Pop 3\_ECHOING Demo - Echoing Indie Synth Pop w Guitar).

We will review the songs based on a combination of criteria, including:

  • good compositions / songwriting.
  • creativity / originality.
  • good use of Band-in-a-Box or RealBand.
  • overall quality.
  • haven't won other recent contests (not a requirement).
  • other contributions on the PG Music forum (not a requirement).

Good luck everyone - we're looking forward to listening to your submissions!

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#419831 - 06/29/17 06:41 PM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Scott Brooks Offline

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Would you mind listing the style names. I don't know which styles belong to which pak.

#419847 - 06/29/17 11:22 PM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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If you enter into StylePicker and then...

1. Select 'Category'.

2. Select "Choose and show user category".

3. And then scroll down the window that pops up, you'll find a filter that you can click on that will show the Xtra styles (see image below).


Xtra styles2.JPG


#419849 - 06/29/17 11:24 PM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Noel96 Offline

Registered: 10/31/08
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It's great to be having another contest, thank you for organising it!


#419899 - 06/30/17 07:43 AM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Scott Brooks]
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Xtra Styles PAK 3 Complete RealStyles list:

Country 3:

_AGONIZE [Agonize Pedal Steel Ctry Blues]
_BESEECH [Beseech Organ Country Ballad]
_BLUEST [Bluest Acoustic Resonator Blues]
_BONNET [Bonnet 4-To-Bar Bluegrass w Solo]
_BRAVELY [Bravely Country Pop Solo Ballad]
_CHAOTIC [Chaotic Train Country Rock Solo]
_CUCKOO [Cuckoo Multi-Drum Bluegrass Plka]
_DADDY-O [Daddy-O Half-Time Boom Chicka]
_ELATION [Elation Modern Country Rock]
_FATEFUL [Fateful 12-8 Nylon Ctry Ballad]
_FERVENT [Fervent Bluegrass Tom Groove]
_FIGMENT [Figment Western Folk w Res Solo]
_FJORDS [Fjords Bouncy Country Shuffle]
_FORGIVE [Forgive Country Quarters w Solo]
_FRANTIC [Frantic Double-Time Country Rock]
_HARPING [Harp and Fingerstyle Boom Chick]
_HEROIC [Heroic Modern Pedal Steel Ballad]
_LANTERN [Lantern Fast Dreamy PS Country]
_MALTED [Malted Bluesy Boogie Rhythm]
_MEMOIR [Memoir Funky Country Pop w Organ]
_MERCADO [Mercado Tex Mex Accordion Waltz]
_MUSING [Musing Fingerstyle Western Folk]
_MY_WOES [My Woes 12-8 Texas Blues]
_NEONBLU [Neon Blue Ev-8 Pedal Steel Blues]
_OLDDAYS [Old Days Rootsy Country Rock]
_ORCHARD [Orchard Boom Chicka Country]
_OUTCAST [Outcast Alt Country Rock Ballad]
_OUTRAGE [Outrage Resonator Country Rock]
_PARIAH [Pariah Soft Acoustic Country Pop]
_PASSION [Passion Hit Country Pop Ballad]
_REYNOSA [Reynosa Tex Mex Mariachi Waltz]
_ROSINED [Rosined Honky-Tonk w Fiddle Solo]
_SAUNTER [Saunter Half-Time Country Boogie]
_SILKEN [Silken Lush Country Ballad]
_SOLACE [Solace Quarter-Feel Country]
_STARLET [Starlet Slow Modern Country Pop]
_SUITOR [Suitor Double-Time Honky-Tonk]
_SWAGGER [Swagger Organ Country Rock]
_THUINN [Thuinn Slow Celtic Harp Waltz]
_TREVINO [Trevino Nylon Guitar Boogie]
_WAGON [Wagon 4-To-Bar Bluegrass]
_WHISKEY [Whiskey Pedal Steel Blues Boogie]

Jazz 3:

_ACIDIC [Acidic Acid Jazz Hip Hop]
_ALLEYS [Alleys Electro Bossa Soul Rhythm]
_BELOW_0 [Below Zero 11-Horn Jazz Ballad]
_BOSSOUL [Electro Bossa Soul w Guitar Solo]
_CANIMAR [Canimar Rumba Pop Rhythm Section]
_COASTER [Coaster Multi-Drum Jazz Pop]
_CRUMBLE [Crumble RnB Jazz Ballad Rhythm]
_DIMMET [Dimmet Hawaiian EZ Jazz Waltz]
_DOUBLED [Double-Time Jazz Funk w Sax Solo]
_FLUIDLY [Fluidly Nylon Smooth Jazz Waltz]
_FRIGID [Frigid Fast Cool Jazz w Trumpet]
_GASLITE [Gas Light Gypsy Accordion Combo]
_HERMOSA [Hermosa 12-Key Guitar Cool Jazz]
_HOMERUN [Home Run Funky Jazz Swing]
_ICEBOX [Icebox Fast Cool Jazz Rhythm]
_INTHREE [Smooth Jazz Waltz w Soprano Solo]
_JAZZED [Jazzed Old Time Jazz w Trombone]
_LANGUID [Languid Jazz Chillout Beat]
_LEISURE [Leisure Jazz Chillout w Sax Solo]
_LOPHONO [Jazz Big Band Lo-Fi Record]
_LOWKEY [Low-Key Jazz Ballad w Sax Melody]
_MAHALO [Mahalo EZ Listening Island Jazz]
_MEANDER [Meander Gypsy Rock 'n' Roll Razz]
_MIAMI [Miami Latin Funk w Held Horns]
_MNOUCHE [Manouche Jazz w Guitar Solo]
_MTANZAS [Matanzas Muted-Trumpet Rumba Pop]
_NA_MODA [Na Moda Jazz Funk w Bossa Horns]
_ORGANIC [Organ and Flugelhorn Jazz Ballad]
_PARADE [Parade Double-Time Jazz Pop]
_POPFLY [Pop Fly Jazz Organ Shuffle]
_RAZZED [Razzed Old Time Jazz w Banjo]
_RECORDS [Lo-Fi Jazz Record w Trumpet Solo]
_REDONDO [Redondo Smooth Jazz w Trumpet]
_ROMANI [Romani Gypsy Jazz Quartet]
_ROOFTOP [Rooftop Jazz Funk w Soul Piano]
_SINCERO [Sincero Simple Bossa Big Band]
_SQUEEZE [Squeeze Smooth Jazz w Accordion]
_SUBTLY [Subtly Bossa Soul Rhythm Section]
_TORMENT [Torment RnB Jazz Ballad w Solo]
_TRAPEZE [Trapeze Jazz Pop w Flute Solo]
_UNWIND [Unwind Bossa Soul w Guitar Solo]
_WYNWOOD [Wynwood Latin Funk w Tres]

Rock-Pop 3:

_ALLURE [Allure Swing-16 Pop w Heavy Beat]
_AXIOMS [Axioms Dancehall Beat w Organ]
_BADLUCK [Bad Luck Acoustic Guitar Blues]
_BLEACHR [Bleacher Pep Squad w El Guitars]
_BRAVADO [Bravado Hard Rock Country Boogie]
_CIRCUIT [Circuit Electro Soul w Horns]
_CLAMOR [Clamor Three-Guitar Blues Rock]
_CONDEMN [Condemn 12-8 Pop Ballad w Horns]
_ECHOING [Echoing Indie Synth Pop w Guitar]
_EXILED [Exiled Modern Sync Pop w Strings]
_FABLES [Fables Folk Rock Swing]
_FEARED [Feared Hip Hop Beat with Horn]
_FEATHER [Feather Indie Blues Rock w Slide]
_GOTSOUL [Soul and Funk Fusion w Clav]
_GROTTO [Grotto 12-string Hard Rock]
_HOLDNON [Holdin' On Disco Pop]
_HOWLNOW [Howl Now Modern Rock with Slide]
_HUSTLE [Hustle Modern Disco w Elec Piano]
_MAGICAL [Magical Electro Pop with Strings]
_MOTUNE [Motune Motown w Modern Beat]
_OCELOT [Ocelot Latin Dance Pop w Guitar]
_PACIFIC [Pacific Songwriter Eighths Pop]
_PRICKLE [Prickle Tex Mex 12-8 Ballad]
_PUNGENT [Pungent Funk Rock Swing w Clav]
_REBELS [Rebels High-Energy Pop Rock]
_REBUILT [Rebuilt Double-Time Pop w Sax]
_RENEWED [Renewed Double-Time Funky Pop]
_RESEDA [Reseda Bluesy Res Gtr Folk Rock]
_REVERIE [Reverie Lush Pedal Steel Pop]
_SANCTUM [Sanctum Chillout Soul w Guitars]
_SEAFOAM [Seafoam Modern Caribbean Pop]
_SECRETS [Secrets Retro Hip Hop w Piano]
_SOULHOP [Soul Hop Modern Soul w Soloist]
_STERNLY [Sternly Pedal Steel Hard Rock]
_SUNLITE [Sunlight Pop Waltz w Harp]
_SURVIVE [Survive Alternative RnB w Synths]
_TROPIC [Tropic Laid-back Island Dance]
_UTOPIA [Utopia Hawaiian Dance Pop]
_VAPOR [Vapor Breezy Funk and Cloud Rap]
_VERDANT [Verdant Slow Funky Euro Dance]
_VORTEX [Vortex '80s Rock w Pedal Steel]
_WAILING [Wailing Motown w Sax Solo]

Americana 1:

_1DANCE [One Dance Fast Folk Waltz]
_BALBOA [Balboa Rockabilly Jazz Swing]
_CHANGE [Change Syncopated Soul Funk]
_DECLARE [Declare Folk Waltz with Trumpet]
_DESIRES [Desires Funky Soul Pop]
_FORLORN [Forlorn Even-8ths Soul w Horns]
_GRAVEL [Gravel Rockin' Blues with Organ]
_GUMDROP [Gumdrop Americana Country Pop]
_HUSHUP [Hush Up Minimal Rockabilly Swing]
_MARINER [Mariner Modern Subdued Sw16 Folk]
_MIDTOWN [Midtown Memphis Soul]
_ODDBALL [Oddball Gypsy Swing with Organ]
_PISTONS [Pistons Baritone Country Train]
_PLATEAU [Plateau Light Bluegrass Pop]
_QUICKLY [Quickly Energetic Bluegrass]
_RAILTIE [Rail Tie Baritone and Brushes]
_RESON8 [Resonator Old-Time Even-8 Blues]
_RITUAL [Ritual Deep Folk Groove]
_RUNNING [Running Bluegrass Folk w Piano]
_SAUVAGE [Sauvage New Orleans Rock n Roll]
_SAVIOR [Savior Slow-16ths Gospel Soul]
_SECLUDE [Seclude Dramatic Newgrass]
_SERMON [Sermon Low-key Classic Soul]
_SIXLANE [Six-lane Alt Train Country]
_SLICKED [Slicked Boom-Chick Rock 'n' Roll]
_SPARROW [Sparrow Country Rock with Slide]
_SPECTER [Specter Down-tempo 12-8 Soul]
_TRAGEDY [Tragedy Down-tempo 12-8 Country]
_TSUNAMI [Tsunami Baritone Surf Rock]
_TUMBLE [Tumble Slow 16ths Alt Country]
_VILLAIN [Villain Resonator Southern Rock]
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#420150 - 07/02/17 08:30 AM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Noel96]
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Originally Posted By: Noel96

If you enter into StylePicker and then...

1. Select 'Category'.

2. Select "Choose and show user category".

3. And then scroll down the window that pops up, you'll find a filter that you can click on that will show the Xtra styles (see image below).


Noel, A HUGE Thank You for this! grin I have asked a few times how I could verify that I have all the Xtra 1 & 2 styles with no help. This is EXACTLY what I was looking for, Thanks Again! cool

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#420664 - 07/06/17 11:30 AM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Great! Looking forward to listening to some great songs!

#423774 - 07/30/17 01:25 PM [] Re: Xtra Styles PAK 3 Contest - Info and Rules [Re: Callie - PG Music]
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Hey Callie and PG Crew,

When I first posted my country entry, Take Me Along, I forgot to post the link!!

But I rectified that just to let you know.

The Official Forum Dingbat,


David Snyder
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