My favorite features of Band-in-a-Box also happen to be the most fundamental. The ability to quickly arrange and rearrange a progression would certainly rank high, as would built-in track synchronization, which post digital musicians almost take for granted. If they only knew!
For this, I'm going to have to vote for a feature I only wish I could live long enough to exploit to its potential. That feature is instant transposition -- changing a song from one key to another.
I took the fork in the road that led to using 22 frets with a limited key range. The other fork leads to playing not so many positions, but in several scales. I can think of 36 off the top -- Maj, Min, Maj Pent, Minor Pent.
Band-in-a-Box has the potential of greatly enhancing the musician's talent range with unprecedented ease, and fun. BIAB, combined with a transcription program such as Crescendo, by NCH, which enables changing sheet music key signature with a click of the mouse, will permit a patient, average, musician to attain levels of accomplishment previously reserved for the Bach's and Mozart's of this world, without every leaving home.

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