Check out this review of PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 from the 2007 November-December issue of Canadian Musician magazine!
Review: PowerTracks Pro Audio 12

"Clearly the program has features you would normally expect to find in the higher-priced echelon of sequencers. I must say for beginners, intermediates, and possibly even some pro users this program has a lot to offer. It is not overly complicated to use and you can work very quickly in it and, of course,
it’s pretty hard to beat the price"

-Eric Price

Some of the features added with Version 12 included:
-Audio Chord Wixard (version 2.1)
-Floating-point tempos
-Split MIDI drums
-Tranzport® Support
-Auto Rewind
...and more!

Watch the PowerTracks Pro Audio 12 New Features video:
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