A Build 3 Update is available for RealBand Version 2018

Download the build 3 update

Summary of Changes since 2018 Build 3 (Dec 7)

  • Added: Section Numbers supported. All section letter menus now include numbers 1 through 9 in addition to letters A through Z.
  • Fixed: Section letters in Notation Window were not being resized if the notation was zoomed in/out
  • Fixed: RealBand might freeze when generating audio harmonies
  • Fixed: Loading in a BB song (MGU/SGU) or generating realtracks could freeze up the program.
  • Fixed: Chords in Notation/LeadSheet on 1st beat of a bar were being drawn too close to bar lines.
  • Fixed: Support for XP and Vista.

Summary of Changes since 2018 Build 1 (Nov 30)

  • Fixed: Problems opening Band-in-a-Box song files.
  • Fixed: Access violation if clicking on Guitar Window or Big Piano when there isn't any notation window currently open.
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