A Build 4 Update is available for RealBand Version 2018

Download the build 4 update

Summary of Changes since 2018 Build 4 (Dec 18)

  • Added: Ability to automatically switch devices during playback when using Windows Audio drivers.
  • Fixed: Some ties were not showing up when loading musicXML and durations of imported notes might be incorrect if PPQ in Realband was not set to 120ppq.

Summary of Changes since 2018 Build 3 (Dec 7)

  • Added: Section Numbers supported. All section letter menus now include numbers 1 through 9 in addition to letters A through Z.
  • Fixed: Section letters in Notation Window were not being resized if the notation was zoomed in/out
  • Fixed: RealBand might freeze when generating audio harmonies
  • Fixed: Loading in a BB song (MGU/SGU) or generating realtracks could freeze up the program.
  • Fixed: Chords in Notation/LeadSheet on 1st beat of a bar were being drawn too close to bar lines.
  • Fixed: Support for XP and Vista.

Summary of Changes since 2018 Build 1 (Nov 30)

  • Fixed: Problems opening Band-in-a-Box song files.
  • Fixed: Access violation if clicking on Guitar Window or Big Piano when there isn't any notation window currently open.
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