An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2018

Download the Band-in-a-Box 2018 Build 513 update (130 MB)

This is a cumulative update patch, which works from any 2018 build.

Summary of changes for Build 513 since 512 (Feb 20 2018):
  • Fixed: When recording audio using Windows Audio Session (WAS) audio driver, there would be a stream read error when keeping the take.

Summary of changes for Build 512 since 510 (Feb 15 2018):

  • Fixed: Mixer changes were not undoable, and would not cause user to be prompted to save their song when exiting.
  • Fixed: After returning Band-in-a-Box to factory settings the File Open dialog would default to the bb\Data\Lib directory.
  • Fixed: The audio latency setting would increase every time leaving the Windows Audio Devices dialog.
  • Fixed: Choosing a custom chord sheet font would ignore any color choice made in the font selection dialog.
  • Fixed: Exporting a MIDI file might cause the error, "MIDIConv.exe no found".
  • Fixed: "Load SoundTrack Song" and "Load song with RealDrums Audio" buttons in the Sound Track dialog were not working.
  • Fixed: The Download Manager folder name defaulted to 2016 instead of 2018.
  • Updated: Help file.
  • Fixed: Static in RT2438 and other various RealTracks fixes.
  • Fixed: StylePicker database various updates. Some styles were displaying the wrong feel (swing/even) in notation. A few styles incorrectly showed missing Drums.
  • Fixed: Drum names were sometimes truncated in the RealDrums MultiDrums and Quicklist dialogs.

Summary of changes for Build 510 since 509 (Jan 26 2018):

  • Fixed: The old drop station image was used if loading a custom skin.
  • Improved: The drop station plus dialog will warn you if you do not select any file formats.
  • Fixed: Some audio devices would fail to connect when using a WAS (Windows Audio Session) driver.
  • Fixed: The file open dialog would not filter file types.
  • Fixed: New In 2018 menu item on the Category menu in stylePicker does nothing.
  • Fixed: Opening a .pat patch map file should start looking in the Synth Kits directory.
  • Fixed: The [Demos...] button in the RealTracks Settings dialog did not work.
  • Fixed: Tip of the day wasn't showing new tips.
  • Updated: 2018 user's guide.
  • Improved: New ABC notation features have been added:
    - Voice Overlay
    - Multiple Voices
    - Tuplets
    - Grace Notes
    - Free Meter
    - Complex Time Signatures
    - Lyrics (In Bar, Leica)
    - Rests
    - Modal Key Signatures
    - Ties

Summary of changes for Build 509 since 508 (Jan 15 2018):

  • Fixed: The Practice Window songs would not load with error "This directory does not exist...".
  • Fixed: Choosing a drum kit file in the MIDI/Audio Driver Setup dialog would fail with error "Unable to install patch/drum map for...".
  • Fixed: "Pause Play until MIDI or key received" setting did not work if using WAS audio drivers.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to type the # sharp character into the chord sheet if using a French keyboard.
  • Fixed: Disabling "Include 2 bar lead-in" setting in the Render Song to Audio File dialog would cause videos to be out of sync.
  • Fixed: The Tuner, MIDI Monitor, and Drum Kit window were always displaying in English instead of the user's language.
  • Fixed: The Tip of the Day dialog was not displaying any tips.
  • Fixed: Song would stop playing at bar 8 after rendering to an audio file.
  • Fixed: "Drag Audio as MP3" setting in the Plugin settings did not work when dragging a file to Windows Explorer.
  • Added: The drop station has MP3 and WMAL (lossless WMA) quadrants added.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box Server was unable to communicate with BB2018.
  • Fixed: Some Amplitube TGS files and styles were missing in certain installations.

Summary of changes for Build 508 since 507 (Dec 22 2017):

  • Fixed: Songs might not load with tone and reverb settings.
  • Fixed: Rendering Video RealTracks would fail if Windows was not set to an English locale.
  • Fixed: exception in StylePicker routine to find similar styles (menu [Action] mark as prototype command).
  • Fixed: Tracks that have video available are not labeled with "[V]" unless "Auto-Generate Track Labels" is enabled.
  • Fixed: The Help button in the Save ABC notation dialog did not work.
  • Updated: Artist bios.

Summary of changes for Build 507 since 506 (Dec 18 2017):

  • Fixed: Using File | Open to open an audio file would not load the audio file.
  • Fixed: The audio track was not being included in rendered videos.
  • Fixed: When using the "One file per track" setting in the Render dialog, each track's file is not named properly.
  • Fixed: If video rendering failed, the process would not stop and there was no error message.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to cancel video rendering.
  • Fixed: Repeats/endings were not implemented for XML and ABC notation.
  • Fixed: Saving XML file with 3 divisions per notation beat could result in rests on the wrong clef.
  • Fixed: Playing a demo in the RealTracks Picker might cause an access violation.
  • Added: Style Demos from Third Party Sources, or for any UserCreated style now found if placed in Demos\MIDI Style Demos\ folder.
  • Fixed: Playing a demo in the RealTracks Picker might cause an access violation.
  • Fixed: The StylePicker was not finding demos in "Drums - Demos".
  • Improved: Background Vocals RealTracks.

Summary of changes for Build 506 since 505 (Dec 13 2017):

  • Fixed: Deleting a region of chords would cause "Undo Delete Bars" to appear in the Edit menu, but do nothing unless chosen twice.
  • Fixed: Sometimes when deleting a note in the notation window, you will be asked "OK to delete chord".
  • Fixed: "K3" did not work in the chord sheet for copying 3 bars (8 bars would be copied instead).
  • Fixed: The "Show Flash Tips" setting did not have any effect when disabled.
  • Fixed: Flash messages were not being added to the flash message log.
  • Fixed: Error "Input and output sample rates must match" might show when the devices do have matching sample rates.
  • Added: "Export Song as Audio File..." menu item has been added to the Audio menu.
  • Fixed: Rendering .m4a or video files might fail and request that the user install QuickTime if using Windows 7. QuickTime should only be necessary for Windows Vista or XP.
  • Fixed: If Band-in-a-Box was in DAW Plugin mode while exiting, the window size was not restored the next time opening the program.
  • Fixed: When exiting DAW Plugin mode, the window would not return to its previous size (it would become maximized).
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box will not open using the proper window size if the Mixer window was open while exiting.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box always opens with a maximized window briefly before resizing to the user's saved size.
  • Fixed: Some of the Oohs and Aahs (Vocal) RealTracks were not working correctly, and they have been greatly improved.
  • Updated: Various improvements (including Db offset adjustments) to many of the new STY files and .SGU demos included with RealTracks Sets 278-300.
  • Added: New styles (STY files) for many of the new RealTracks in Sets 278-300 and MIDI SuperTracks sets 25-27.
  • Added: StylePicker User Categories updated for Xtra Styles PAK 4.
  • Added: BB2018 tutorials folder.
  • Updated: Styles database
  • Fixed: WashboardBluegrass drums.

Summary of changes for Build 505 since 504 (Dec 7 2017):

  • Fixed: The Transcribe feature in the Audio Edit window was not always working.
  • Fixed: Using the Transpose or stretching features in the Audio Edit window might cause an access violation if the audio track is mono.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would crash with error message "dwmapi.dll cannot be found" while starting up if using Windows XP.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would crash with error "Procedure entry point MFTEnumEx could not be found in the Dynamic Link Library Mfplat.DLL" while starting up if using Windows Vista.
  • Improved: Band-in-a-Box will start up faster.
  • Fixed: There was no Quality selector in the Render to Audio File dialog if rendering MP3 on Windows 7 or earlier.
  • Added: You can now put Section Numbers in your song. Previously you could only use letters A-Z, but now you can use 1-9 as well.
  • Fixed: The Windows Audio Devices dialog might show garbage text for names of devices if not running Band-in-a-Box in English.
  • Added:You can now filter styles in the StylePicker for styles that contain Video RealTracks.
  • Fixed: There were visual artifacts in the leadsheet & notation windows when moving the cursor.
  • Improved: Importing ABC Notation files has been improved.
  • Updated: Help file and manuals.
  • Updated: RealTracks Artist bio's.

Summary of changes for Build 504 since 503 (Dec 1 2017):
  • Updated: Help file and Manuals.
  • Added: Help button has been added to the Save ABC notation dialog.
  • Added: Help button has been added to the RealDrums Quick dialog.
  • Added: A Quality selector has been added to the Render to Audio File dialog. This lets you select a bit rate for compressed audio types (M4A, MP3, WMA).
  • Fixed: Clicking on flash messages should not deactivate the main window.
  • Fixed: Green flash messages would sometimes not perform any action when clicked on, or perform the wrong action.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash if opening an ABC notation file that is not properly formatted.
  • Fixed: Song Titles dialog - improved behaviour of the Clear button
  • Fixed: Song Titles dialog - spelling of some subgenres fixed
  • Fixed: Song Titles dialog - 100 song titles added, total now 10,306
  • Fixed: StylePicker - using mixer menu to customize style now filters according to selected style, not song's style
  • Fixed: StylePicker - Save As Style feature improved
  • Fixed: StylePicker - Generate button removed from Best Soloists dialog if launched from the StylePicker
  • Fixed: RealDrums and RealDrums QuickList - some demos were not playing variations.
  • Fixed: Sometimes loss of RealTracks folder locations.
  • Fixed: What addons dialog not showing MIDI Soloists correctly.

Summary of changes for Build 503 (since 501) (Nov 29 2017):
  • Fixed: Converting to WMA would create a truncated file (too short).
  • Fixed: Videos & M4A files might have a pop noise at the beginning and end.
  • Improved: Better MP3 suport for Windows 7 and Windows XP.
  • Fixed: The Title Generator would not launch.
  • Added: Menu item for opening ABC notation files has been added to the File > Open Special menu.
  • Fixed: There were no hints in the Audio Harmony dialog.
  • Added: Help button has been added to the Generate Video dialog.
  • Added: Help button has been added to the Audio Harmony dialog.
  • Added. Help button has been added to the Windows Audio Session devices dialog.
  • Fixed: "Display warnings for detected audio stuttering" check box in the Audio Settings dialog should only be visible when using MME audio drivers.
  • Fixed: Converting to MP3, M4A, or WMA might fail if using older versions of Windows.
  • Fixed: Various errors when trying to convert to MP3 on older versions of Windows, such as "Problem interpreting Input.txt, quitting."
  • Fixed: If rendering to "WMA (lossless)", the output file would not be lossless.
  • Fixed: No error message was shown if failing to convert audio to MP3, M4A, or WMA.
  • Fixed: Batch feature was missing from the Render to Audio File dialog.
  • Fixed: Rendering video might fail (freeze at finalizing stage) for various layouts.
  • Fixed: Trying to render Video RealTracks would fail if the RealTracks were set to Direct Input mode.
  • Fixed: The New Features menu was showing 2017 new features.
  • Fixed: The PDF manuals would not launch.
  • Added: "Open abc Notation music file" menu item is added to the file open menu.

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