BIAB v 512: In checking out the new goodies i cam across _HOME.STY.

Demo sounds great BTW. But with a 2/4 beat count per bar it doesn't work for the mandolin track, RT 821, and the loaded banjo RT 598. Older RTs, and should have been fixed by now? Occasionally there's a short burst of a mandolin riff, and then all's awfully quiet, including all of the loaded banjo on the soloist track.

Q: are these RTs not suited for a 2/4 beat count through out the song, with occasional 1/4, 3/4 bar changes? F

Added info: reworked the arrangement in a general 4/4 structure, with an occasional 2/4 and 1/4 bar .... the RTs behave a lot better, mainly across the 4/4 bars.