147. How can I import a song that uses RealDrums into a sequencer like PowerTracks Pro Audio for further editing?

When you save your song as a MIDI file to disk, Band-in-a-Box® will automatically create a wave file containing the RealDrums track, and save it in the same location as your MIDI file. For example, if you save your MIDI file as C:\Myfiles\MySong.MID, BIAB will also save the file C:\MyFiles\MySong_RealDrums.WAV. To import the song into PowerTracks, first use File | Open to open MySong.MID, then select a blank track and use File | Wave Files | Import Wave File to import MySong_RealDrums.WAV to that track. Make sure to import the wave file starting at the beginning of the song (ie from 1:1:0). It would be the same basic steps to import the file into other sequencers.

There are settings in the MIDI File Options dialog (Click the .MID button, then click [Options]) to tell Band-in-a-Box® if you want the RealDrums wave file, or if you want the MIDI drums track included in the MIDI file, or both.

Alyssa - PG Music