31. Can I import a MIDI file into RealBand and have the chords displayed?

Chord names are not stored in MIDI files, since the standard MIDI file specification doesn't include a universal way to embed this information. However, RealBand has a feature called the Chord Wizard that will analyze any MIDI file and interpret what the chords are. Go to the Window menu and click on Chords to open the Chords Window. Press the Opt. button to open the Chords Window Options dialog. If 'Auto interpret chords' is set to 'Always', RealBand will automatically interpret and display the chords for any MIDI file that you import.

You can also type in your own chords manually in the Chords or Notation window. To allow chord entry in the Notation Window, put a checkmark in the "Ch" box. You can only input chord symbols that RealBand recognizes - the same as those used by Band-in-a-Box®. Here is a list of chords recognized by RealBand

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