64. Error message when exiting the MIDI Driver Setup dialog: "A device ID has been used that is out of range for your system".

This can occur on some systems when the MIDI Mapper is one of your selected MIDI output drivers. To resolve the problem, simply unselect the MIDI Mapper.

You should not normally have the MIDI Mapper selected at all. On Windows 95/98, it was possible to use the MIDI Mapper to send different MIDI channels to different ports. Microsoft removed most of the functionality of the MIDI Mapper on later Windows operating systems. Fortunately, RealBand itself has the ability to send different channels to different ports without the use of the MIDI Mapper. In the MIDI Driver Setup dialog (Options | MIDI Devices), you can choose more than one MIDI Output Driver at the same time. The top MIDI driver that you have selected is considered to be port 1, the second is port 2, and so on. In the Tracks window, click on the Track Info field, point to "Port", and select the port that you want to use.

If you get the error even if the MIDI Mapper is not selected, there is most likely a problem with the way your sound card is installed. We recommend reinstalling your sound card using the latest drivers available from the manufacturer. Check the manufacturer's website for driver updates.

Alyssa - PG Music