75. When I try to use the Shift-click in the Notation Window to enter a note one semitone higher, the note is not inserted.

Shift-click in the notation window allows you to highlight a range of notation. This makes it easy to tweak the beginning or end of a highlighted area. If you shift-click before the start of the From/Thru range, or after the end of the From/Thru range, the highlighted area will be extended. If you shift-click within the From/Thru range, the range will be reduced, and the location you clicked on will become either From or Thru depending on which boundary was closer to where you Shift-Clicked the mouse.

If you want to use the Shift key to insert a note a semitone higher, left-click the mouse button first (where you want to enter the note), and hold down the mouse button while pressing the Shift key.

Alyssa - PG Music