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#491744 - 09/18/18 06:16 PM [RealBand] Guitar Window Notes to Match Tempo?
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Son Lee Offline

Registered: 09/18/18
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Loc: WA
I am using RealBand 2015 with ASIO4ALL Driver in Windows 10, I am trying to learn the guitar part to a midi track and the guitar window is working great at the song temp of 120 BPM. When I slow the song tempo down on the song to 80 BPM the guitar window notes flash at 120 BPM still and are not in sync with the song tempo. Is there a midi control that applies to the guitar window or some other way to align the guitar window speed with song tempo when song tempo is changed


#491760 - 09/18/18 07:39 PM [RealBand] Re: Guitar Window Notes to Match Tempo? [Re: Son Lee]
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Hi Cristiano,

If you post this in the forum titled "Band-In-A-Box For Windows", you'll probably get some helpful answers. This forum is reserved for posting original songs created using BIAB.

Also, welcome to the PG Music community. Hope you enjoy your time here as much as I have.

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#491907 - 09/19/18 04:31 PM [RealBand] Re: Guitar Window Notes to Match Tempo? [Re: Son Lee]
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You're in the right forum. This is the RB forum.
And welcome aboard.

I haven't experienced this as I don't use the guitar window much, but I can look and hopefully others have an idea what may cause this. My gut says try saving the RB SEQ file at the desired tempo and then open the new file. See if it behaves as expected.
If so, maybe try adjusting the tempo again and report on the results.

If the song is saved in the native RB SEQ file format, some weird things suddenly get better.
MID files are not RB files, and sometimes the features behave differently once a song is saved in the native format that supports these things.
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#491927 - 09/19/18 06:14 PM [RealBand] Re: Guitar Window Notes to Match Tempo? [Re: Son Lee]
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Hi Son Lee,

Any MIDI tracks should definitely be matching the tempo of the song. Do you hear that guitar track playing at a different tempo too, or is this purely a display issue?

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