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#506743 - 12/05/18 05:51 AM [My Favorite Things] Teaching and Collaborating with BIAB - thank you for inspiring my family.
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I'm new to this, but here's my story about how BIAB has had an immediate impact not just on me, but my family. I am absolutely blown away by this software in so many ways.

In my family, I've taught my son, 13, to play guitar, bass and sax, and my daughter, 9, to play piano and cello. However, I had noticed that what was intended as a means to bring us together was actually having the opposite effect. I like to play virtual instruments on my piano, typically orchestral; my son likes to play jazz on his sax, and my daughter likes to play easy pop tunes on her piano. So I noticed that we were tending to play separately, even in separate rooms.

This is where BIAB has been revolutionary for our family. I'm a new user, and was amazed by the RealTracks in BIAB: I loaded up a style and a demo song, and all of a sudden I'm playing chords on my piano along to a smooth jazz band! The inspiration was incredible: I was playing chord progressions that I never would have thought of, and that was causing me to generate improvisation ideas that I wouldn't have come up with, given the all too familiar chord patterns I've fallen into. Hearing this, my son comes in, and picks up his sax, and starts to jam along. It sounded amazing, and we were both really enjoying it. That caused my daughter to walk in; so, I stepped away from the piano, brought down the tempo, helped her get used to the chords, and then within minutes, she was following along on the chord sheet, with my son improvising over the top. Stood behind her was my wife, with an expression of being genuinely impressed, if maybe also slightly surprised that this could happen so quickly! I stood back, and watched what I had wanted all this time: my family, enjoying music together. The sparkle in my daughter's eyes, as she reaslised she was playing along, with a 'real' band backing her up, and the pride of her older brother taking the lead, was priceless!

I've started to look into how I can use this as a tool for teaching. One immediate option that looks to be incredibly useful is the use of scales. No more boring, sterile scales, but a band playing any genre you choose in the background whilst you perform scales - so cool! The Big Piano, and following along the guitar lead - all incredibly useful for teaching.

I think BIAB will become a central feature in inspiring the music in our family, and for that, I'm enormously grateful to you PG Music.

Thank you.

#506809 - 12/05/18 10:37 AM [My Favorite Things] Re: Teaching and Collaborating with BIAB - thank you for inspiring my family. [Re: GarryH]
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Welcome to Band-in-a-Box Garry,

Wonderful testimonial. It's difficult to find any one thing that can interest the whole family. It reads like in your case you have and it's Band-in-a-Box.

Thanks for taking time to share your inspiring story with us. Keep us up-to-date, okay?
Jim Fogle
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#507025 - 12/06/18 02:42 AM [My Favorite Things] Re: Teaching and Collaborating with BIAB - thank you for inspiring my family. [Re: GarryH]
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That's a really great story. Thanks for passing it on.

All the best with your and your family's musical adventures,


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