There are Notation Enhancements in the NEW Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows! These include:

  • A new button in the Print Options dialog which lets you quickly print a "chords only" fake sheet. You can also access this from the right-click menu on the chord sheet.
  • A new track type (Drums) is now available for The Melody and Soloist tracks.
  • Clicking close to a stave line will put a note on the stave line instead of between stave lines. (Previously, you had to click extremely close to a stave line to insert a note on The line.)
  • Double-clicking on the Standard mode Notation window (or on the time line in Editable or Staff Roll mode) plays the song from the current time location. Previously, it played the song from the beginning of the current bar.
  • Holding down the [Ctrl] key and pressing the zoom in/out buttons results in finest possible incremental adjustment in size.
  • In the Notation Windows Options dialog, The clefs split point asterisk indicates that C5* is middle C.
  • Pressing The space bar plays the song from the current time location, not the current bar.
  • The clefs split point can be set by the spin controls.
  • The right-click menu in the Editable or Staff Roll mode Notation window has an option to change the current beat resolution. Previously, the only way to do this was to right-click on the time line.
  • There's a keystroke entry notation mode - the 'N' mode, which lets you enter a melody entirely using keystrokes. The keystrokes are N to enter a note, up/down cursor to change its pitch, and left/right cursor to move the time line.
  • You can now edit any track in the Event List Editor. When The dialog opens, it will show you the MIDI data in the current Notation track.
  • You can quickly enter forced accidentals from the right-click menu.

We talk about these new features within our Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows®! New Features, RealTracks, and other content! video:

  • 25:45 - New Features: Easy Entering of Notation with the 'N' Key
  • 36:48 - Change Beat Resolution From the Right-Click Menu
  • 37:15 - Easier Entry of Notes on Lines
  • 37:42 - Asterisk to Indicate Middle C on & Spin Controls
  • 37:53 - Force Accidental from the Right-Click Menu
  • 38:01 - Edit Any Track in the Event List
  • 38:09 - Keystroke Note Entry Mode 'N' for Faster Note Entry
  • 38:28 - Print Chords Only Fake Sheet
  • 38:32 - More Control of Notation Size

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