Here’s a no-brainer ....install Cakewalk and the TTS-1 64 bit (free)

With the release of the 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box, you now have access to all the 64 bit synths and plugins out there.

And many of them are available for free.

For example, there is a great MIDI GM synth available, the Roland TTS-1.
This is available free from Cakewalk by BandLab. You install the free version of Cakewalk, and this installs the TTS-1, which is then available to any program that supports 64bit DXi, like Band-in-a-Box 64. After you’ve installed Cakewalk, inside Band-in-a-Box 64 bit, choose the TTS-1 from the list of available synths (accessed by pressing the DXi/VST button inside the main menu- options - midi driver dialog).

There are 3 benefits to installing and using the TTS-1 and Cakewalk.

1. Great sound with Band-in-a-Box - likely better than any MIDI sound you’ve heard before with Band-in-a-Box. The TTS-1 is from Roland and has great sounds, and based on the famous Sound Canvas sounds. That means the sounds are balanced to sound great with existing MIDI styles in Band-in-a-Box, because we’ve always made our styles using the Roland Sound Canvas.

2. Better CPU Performance. The TTS-1 has lower overhead than many synths. It is especially useful if you have lots of programs and processes running, because it doesn’t use much CPU.

3. Cakewalk is a fabulous DAW, considered by many to be the best DAW available. Getting it for free is a no-brainer.

You can get more information and download here...

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There’s a review of the TTS-1 synth and some docs here.

Have Fun!
Peter Gannon
PG Music Inc.