Wow - the feedback on the new Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Windows has been amazing! Here's what they're saying:

About Band-in-a-Box® 2019...
"I am absolutely LOVING this year's new features!"
"A huge, huge hit."
"Rocking in 64 bits!"
"Thanks for an awesome product!"
"Now I have a wonderful band to practice with, whenever I want!"
"I am absolutely floored by the improvements and enhancements in this version!"
"Did Christmas (or in my case, Hanukkah, lol) come early?"
"PG Music has outdone themselves."
"This will occupy hours of my time practicing."
"Oooh, you have my attention."
"This will be under my tree this Christmas!!"
"The Notation enhancements make things so easy and save time!!!!"
"With SO MANY CHOICES it's going to take months to really appreciate it all."
"This just keeps getting better with every update!"
"BIAB is THE best tool I have ever used....the possibilities are endless!"
"This is the best upgrade PG Music has come up with yet!!! SOLD!!!"
"The filtering features in the SongPicker are awesome!"
"Love the new StylePicker!"
"The new advanced Filter options are a real time-saver!"
"Heaven, just what the doctor ordered."
"'s educational utility and potential is awesome!!!"
"It makes such a difference having RealStyle backings linked to melodist creations!"
"The filtering capabilities available through these add-ons is a tremendous positive!!"
"A must for any musician who wants to improve on his own, or to share his musical ideas in a professional high quality rendition."
"You play with the best musicians and that's great!"
"A wonderful tool for musicians & singers!"
"Band-in-a-Box is so versatile!"
"Band in a Box has attained great heights."

About the new VST DAW Plugin...
"This is so darn impressive. Who would not want to take advantage of this type of capability!"
"This is one of the BEST new features!"
"This is HUGE news!"
"This is truly awesome!"
"It may be the best plugin I've known till now."
"This is a game changer! Well Done Peter and Team."
"Having a VST is really nice - that alone is reason to upgrade!"
"The ease and speed of dragging and dropping a generated wav into a Reaper track is AWESOME!!!!"
"You went and added the DAW plugin. WOW!"
"This is the biggest release ever since the advent of RealTracks & RealDrums."
"I couldn't imagine anything better."
"This is going to excite many users for sure!"

About the new RealTracks...
"The RealTracks & RealDrums updates are exactly what I wanted - thanks!"
"Pristine recordings and overall production values through the roof!"
"My favorite artists are back!"
"The new Realtracks are simply awesome and I'm still amazed with the quality of the tracks you can get from BIAB."
"I really love the direction you guys are going with the RTs and features. Do keep 'em coming, please."
"As a huge fusion fan this is a great year for me."
"Alex Al is once again in fine form, as is Eddy Dunlap (easily one of top ten favorites), and of course Terry Clarke."
"The Alex Acuna drums and percs are a joy!"
"Robert"Sput"Searight? Really?"
"Did I mention the phenomenal Mark Lettieri baritone electric guitar funk tracks?"
"The Gospel Mmms & Cinematic electric guitars are beyond brilliant!"
"The Byron House acoustic bass tracks are beyond reproach..."
"As for the new RTs this year, I am LOVING them!"
"And the drums? BEST EVER!"
"Love the new real instrument and styles!"
"WOW! These RealTracks are fantastic!"
"What a variety - thank you PG Music!"
"Low Vocal Mmmms? Yes please!"
"What an amazing selection of new RealTracks - where do I even start?!"
"These are remarkable!"
"Love Brent's music."

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