Just tried Style _HIGHSID.STY with RT 3148 on the pianotrack, AP BIAB v614 x64.

RT is Madolala Rhythm Americana Folk Slow EV16 060.

Tried Key of A, and it only plays a few chords, no A, or D f.i., but C#m7 and E7 are OK. On the non sounding chords you hear a sound, as if the playback steering for a few chords selects a wrong file, and very soft (plm -40dB estimated). Transposed to G the same thing.

Now weird is, that after jazzing up the chords it plays OK. Also the same song loaded in Realband the RT seems to generate normally.

Played with a 4/4 tempo (60bpm as the RT has) Can it be buggy? F