Wow - how much do you LOVE the redesigned SongPicker in Band-in-a-Box® 2019?!

The SongPicker within Band-in-a-Box® accesses the folder of your choosing for easy opening of all your favorite songs, or song files purchased from a third party or shared by a friend, member of your band, etc.

Now, with this redesigned feature, you can view the chord progression for your selected song without having to open it in Band-in-a-Box® and can copy the information from this window right into a TXT file!
The new progress bar is a great visual aid when you're updating the folder - for instance, if you load the ENTIRE Band-in-a-Box® folder, that's over 15,000 songs - and it's nice to see the progress/confirmation on screen. Not that you'll be waiting long - since the SongPicker now builds lists faster!

Plus, there's so many filters added - searching for the song you want has never been easier!

Click here for a detailed write up on this redesigned feature.

-The completely redesigned window shows information for up to 50,000 songs.
-The song list build is much faster. Approximately 150 songs get added per second.
-There is a progress bar. This will appear if the song list build is taking more than 3 seconds.
-You can see the chord progression for the selected song in the list. It can be copied and pasted into a text file.
-Many filters are available. You can filter the list by subfolders, genre, feel, time signature, style, songs with melody, soloist, lyrics, key signature, tempo range, and the year of file dates.
-You can search songs that have similar chord progressions and/or melody fragments.

What's your favorite part of the redesigned SongPicker?
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