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#539153 - 06/02/19 07:18 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song.
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Registered: 01/15/01
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OK here is the deal on my problem with using either the F5 function to change the style at a certain bar OR using the define sub-section to change the style at a certain bar. Neither one of them work correctly.

Disclaimer and other assorted items.

Veteran at using BIAB since the early 90's and have the latest version and patches installed on Windows 10 bla bla bla

When I made a simple song for testing consisting of only 24 bars using the 1, 4 and 5 chords in the key of C to make it simple, this is what happens.

Original stye is _T_FISHIN,STY (All Real Tracks) to begin the song. I changed the style to PATSY1.STY (All Midi) at bar 9. Tried using the F5 method and the define sub-style method to change the style at bar 9. When it gets there most of the midi tracks do not play. Only the Drum Track and the String Tracks play and even those are just wrong. When the song reaches bar 17 to go back to the original Real Track, the rest of the song plays correctly. It seems that the midi just does not come through. Tried this on my laptop and my desktop with the same results. It does not matter which 100% midi style I choose. Tried a bunch of those out and not a one of them play correctly at bar 9.

I have all my settings set to factory default for testing and my midi output is the standard Coyote VST Synth.

Here is my Dropbox link if case you want to download the file and see what you can find out.

Please let me know if you come up with something.


#539176 - 06/02/19 10:47 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: jcland]
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This is an interesting problem. When I duplicated your workflow I get the same results as you. However when I disabled RealTracks I do get a change. I haven't the time to bring everything over to my DAW right now but hopefully I can get the time this evening. What I need to know is what style is the first 9 measures playing? Is it the RealTrack file as MIDI or the all MIDI file>

I do very little work in BiaB as I swing everything over to my DAW. When using MIDI with RTs I will first drag and drop the MIDI tracks then after regenerating the tracks with RTs I bring the RTs over. Hopefully someone else has a BiaB workflow like you do and can be more helpful then me.
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#539185 - 06/02/19 12:39 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: jcland]
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I downloaded your file and can see your changes in bars 9 and 17 but as you say when the midi comes in three tracks are silent.
There is no indication in the mixer in fact, that it ever changed to midi but I am sure it did as the voice oohs came in for those tracks.bars 9-17.

I then loaded the midi style manually without clearing any tracks, and notice that it only changed to midi in the mixer view on Drums and voice oohs .
Bass, mandolin and guitar remained green but did not sound .

Reloading the original song now, I have drums and voice oohs in yellow (midi) but with the word SILENCE 1152 silence in the mixer for the other three that were stuck on realtracks,
Very strange
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#539187 - 06/02/19 01:22 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: jcland]
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Exactly, this is NOT how I expected BIAB to function. In the past and as of today, I have changed from one Realtrack style to another and then to yet a 3rd one in the middle of a song with absolutely no problems. It seems you cannot change from a Realtrack to a Midi or from a a Midi to a Realtrack style in a song.

As a test, I re-did the song and chose PATSY1.STY (Midi) as the style for bar 1 and chose _T_FISHIN.STY (Realtrack) to come in at bar 9, just the opposite of what I tried in the beginning and the midi will not even play when the song is generated.

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#539188 - 06/02/19 01:23 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: MarioD]
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Mario: The 1st 8 bars are a 100% pure Realtrack and it is supposed to change to a 100% pure Midi style at bar 9.

Nothing unusual is being done at my end.

As I have seen so far it does not matter if the 1st style is a RT and the 2nd style is a MIDI or just the opposite, it will not work correctly.

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#539226 - 06/02/19 07:25 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: jcland]
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I could be wrong, but I don't think BIAB supports or has ever supported changing from a MIDI track to a RealTrack, or a RealTrack to a MIDI track mid-song. You can change Real to Real, or MIDI to MIDI, but I'm pretty sure you can't cross over.

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#539227 - 06/02/19 07:34 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: jcland]
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You can make this work by rendering the MIDI Style to a WAV audio and importing the rendered audio and use Bar Settings to mute each style to hear the song play correctly.

I recreated your chord chart and here are the steps I took to get it to play perfectly. The first 8 bars are the _T_FISHIN,STY (All Real Tracks) to begin the song and it changed to PATSY1.STY (All Midi) style at bar 9.

First, I generated the Chord Chart with the all MIDI Patsy1.Sty, rendered and saved it to my Desktop as a WAV Audio file.

I imported the Patsy midi rendered audio file and made sure it synced it to the BIAB Chord Chart generated song.

Using Bar Settings, I muted the Audio track at the first Bar in Bar Settings. I opened Bar Settings at Bar 9 and Muted All Tracks and unmuted the Audio Track.

I changed the Style to _T_FISHIN,STY (All Real Tracks) and generated the song.

The first 8 bars of the RealTracks Style played and at Bar 9, the RT Style muted and the Rendered MIDI style played as it should.
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#539677 - 06/05/19 05:48 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Problem with changing to Midi Style in the middle of a song. [Re: jcland]
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Before getting too deep into the weeds of attempting to get Biab to do this just use Real Band. No issues then. 48 tracks, they can be all MIDi or all RT's or your own audio tracks or downloaded midi tracks and mix and match to your hearts content.

One issue I can see with attempting this with Biab is there are defaults with midi styles that have to be changed by you before generating in order for the midi style to do what you want like Use Real Drums to substitute for midi drums. If you wanted the midi drums then you have to uncheck that. There are others. I've never tried this but if you were to tweak the midi style first to make sure it's doing what you want maybe it could work but still, just use RB it's so much easier for something like this.

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