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#541099 - 06/15/19 06:51 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Any way to copy from/to inside a tag ending? [Resolved]
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Registered: 07/01/12
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UPDATE: I marked this as resolved. Posts 2 and 3 explain how I resolved it.

Hi, I am working with BIAB 2018 and trying to copy some notes within a 64 bar long tag ending to another section of the tag ending. It is a big song. There are two 32 bar sections within the tag ending. Here are the bar values within the tag ending.

Tag ending section #1: Bars 113 to 144 (total 32 bars).
Tag ending section #2: Bars 145 to 176 (total 32 bars).

I am trying to copy the "Section-1" melody notes to "Section 2".

So the chorus is set to three repeats. I noticed that when I am in the chords window and I click on bar 113 (which is the first bar of the tag ending) then I click on the notation window button, the notation window shows "113(3) tag". Okay so I figured that maybe if I do the "copy special / from-to" but use chorus 3 it might just work. Sadly it does not. Luckily I remember trying this before and wiping out my work so I make a copy of the BIAB file now. I attached a png picture my settings. Notice I unchecked the "Copy 1st chorus to whole song".

Has anyone figured out how to get tag ending copies to work. I foresee needing to do this a lot.



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John Bowles
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#541105 - 06/15/19 07:39 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Any way to copy from/to inside a tag ending? [Re: bowlesj]
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bowlesj Offline

Registered: 07/01/12
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Okay so I figured it out but it requires some advance planning.

To test this I created a new file to work with.
I set the chorus range to bar 1 to 6.
I set the number of chorus repeats to 1.
The eventual plan was to have a 2 bar intro, a 2 bar chorus and a 2 bar tag ending with the chorus bars repeating 3 times.
So I put all the notes in this way.
I put in notes on bar 1 and copied them to bar 2 (this is copying notes in my soon to be intro section)
I put in notes on bar 3 and copied them to bar 4 (this is copying notes in my soon to be chorus section)
I put in notes on bar 5 and copied them to bar 6 (this is copying notes in my soon to be tag ending section)

Okay so at this point you have to be absolutely sure your notes are complete and perfect for the whole song.
So now you set the chorus to bars 3 through 4 then you set the repeats to 3 times or whatever.
Now that your chorus repeats are larger than 1 you can set your tag ending to jump after bar 4 and start at bar 5 and end at bar 6.

It works. All the notes are retained. So I marked this thread as resolved but it is only kind of resolved.

Unfortunately I entered all the notes into my large song before I got this successful idea. I am currently trying to figure out how to get those notes into a new blank BIAB. Might real band be the solution here?

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John Bowles
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#541111 - 06/15/19 08:07 AM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: Any way to copy from/to inside a tag ending? [Re: bowlesj]
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Registered: 07/01/12
Posts: 550
Okay so I 100% resolved it. Here is what I did.
First here is the layout of my song.

Intro: bars 1 to 16
Chorus: bars 17 to 112
Tag Ending: bars 113 to 176.
Chorus repeats were set to 3.

Step1: I removed the tag ending buy unchecking it. I also uncheck the "generate ending" check box.
Step2: I set the chorus repeats to 1 and I answer yes to adjust the melody.
Step3: I set the new chorus setting to bars 1 to 176. Set the 1 first then set the 176.

I just tested playing the song and I hear all the melody notes I entered without any missing at all.

So now all I have to do is to find the bars to copy my notes and get it all perfect then use the procedure described in the 2nd post to get it set up properly again.

This is a very useful thread. I will create a link to it in my reminder database so I can quickly come back and read the procedure.

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