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#548139 - 08/04/19 12:16 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: How can I get a better sound from the MIDI styles? [Re: silvertones]
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Originally Posted By: silvertones
Midi came out in 1983.A whole lot of water under the bridge. A lot to learn before purchasing a program like BIAB.If I were you I'd set BIAB aside and do all the learning about midi you can get your hands on. Even some experienced people are using VST and VSTi, and DX and DXi interchangeably. Even PG calls their plugin a VST. Which is wrong sort of.

I agree with John and I will add a couple more things. Learn MIDI using one program first before moving to other programs. If you are using a DAW learn MIDI in that DAW. If you are using BiaB then only use MIDI in BiaB. Moving around from one program to another can be very confusing to a person just starting out using MIDI.

I would start by using the Kontakt library. Improving those sounds are very easy. Look for some free effects, check out hitsquad:

Look for things like choruses, flangers, reverbs, EQs, compressors, etc. Note, after downloading any freeware be sure to scan both those files and then your computer with your antivirus and anti-malware programs before installing them. Most from hitsquad are bug free but sometimes one will slip through. Effects can make those Kontakt samples shine.

Good luck
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#548150 - 08/04/19 01:48 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: How can I get a better sound from the MIDI styles? [Re: Notes Norton]
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Originally Posted By: Notes Norton
Originally Posted By: Matt Finley
Yes, it's probably time I did another survey to see what's out there in software MIDI synths. One disadvantage of using a hardware MIDI synth like I do is that you can't render a song in BIAB; you must record the output in real time.

That's no problem for me.

The advantage after saving to MIDI is that I can stack a half dozen sound modules, all with the same latency (5-6ms), choose the best sounds from each (the bass from one module, the snare from another, the guitar yet another etc.), feed them through a mixer where I can adjust individual volumes and tones, and record them into Power Tracks Pro or another DAW, add a little BBE Sonic Maximizer plug in, and save as an audio file that sounds much, much better than what BiaB may have rendered.

It's a little extra play (some call it work) time, but the end results can be so much better. And playing around with the sound is fun anyway.

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I agree! I only mentioned it because it is an opportunity to head off questions about how to 'render' in BIAB when you have a hardware MIDI synth. But I do as you do, and consider it worth the effort. Thanks.
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#556010 - 09/22/19 03:43 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: What to do with those awfully sounding MIDI styles? [Re: berntd]
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Originally Posted By: berntd
Originally Posted By: jazzmammal
Originally Posted By: berntd
Worst of all, And I am actually a computer programmer - would you believe it?

Funny, I've said this many, many times over the years. It's the folks with a long time background in programming, IT or PC hardware who have the most difficult time when they decide to jump into digital audio.

The reason for this is PC's are not made for digital audio, they have to be sort of forced into working with it and obviously working in the business sector nobody cares about digital audio unless that business happens to be Sony Studios! This is a whole different world and you have to get it out of your head that you think you understand this stuff.

Just like programming has it's own technical jargon so does digital audio. You're correct and I completely sympathize with your trouble with not knowing what those terms mean. The best way to handle that is the instant you read an acrynym or term you don't understand is to pause right there and Google it. Take VST for example, simply putting that into Google comes up with this:

Audio Driver this:

Here's a beauty that will make you take a whole day off to study:

Biab can have midi tracks and audio tracks together. If the sample rates are not set correctly you get loss of sync meaning the playback between the midi tracks and audio tracks start to drift apart.

These are just examples. This is what I had to do 15 years ago. You didn't learn computer programming in a week and you're not going to learn all about digital audio in a week either. It's important you not only understand this stuff from the software POV but from your Windows OS POV as well because they are intimately integrated.

I'm not going to provide details concerning how to set up Kontakt Player and all that. You've already been told how to do it, it seems your problem is understanding the jargon so just start Googling.


Yes but:
I purchased this BIB package to get away from my usual problems with technical issues. I really just want to play trombone and have it provide the band around it. I want it to work and sound great, with the simplicity as shown in the demo videos and without having to spend days to learn all that stuff I do not need to know at this stage in my life.

Just like the average computer user using apps and programs does not need to know how it works behind the scenes.

Substitute trumpet for "trombone" in your quote and it could have been me who wrote the above post. I don't even know enough to ask a question about this stuff. Per advice from Mario, I'm re-installing my Ketron SD2 rather than having to mess around with the intricacies of "soft synths". Due to a fire and other problems, I haven't used BIAB for a couple of years. Like you, all I want to do is enjoy playing and not get involved with all the tech stuff. Besides music, the other thing I like is woodworking.
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#556453 - 09/25/19 03:55 PM [Band-in-a-Box for Windows] Re: What to do with those awfully sounding MIDI styles? [Re: Shastastan]
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Originally Posted By: Shastastan

Substitute trumpet for "trombone" in your quote and it could have been me who wrote the above post. I don't even know enough to ask a question about this stuff. Per advice from Mario, I'm re-installing my Ketron SD2 rather than having to mess around with the intricacies of "soft synths". Due to a fire and other problems, I haven't used BIAB for a couple of years. Like you, all I want to do is enjoy playing and not get involved with all the tech stuff. Besides music, the other thing I like is woodworking.

I find hardware synths to be easier to use, more reliable, and they sound much better than software synths.

Software synths are a good idea, but I just don't think they have surpassed hardware yet. They will someday, but not yet.

The problem as I see it is this. Hardware synths keep sounds in ROM so they are ready instantly. Software synths have to create the sound for every note as it is being played. In order to do this, the soft-synth manufacturer has to play the game quality vs. latency and compromise the quality for less latency.

The hardware synth can store a much more complex sound and have it instantly available. Quality without latency.

Insights and incites by Notes
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