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#543782 - 07/02/19 11:04 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Lightkeeper`s Waltz [Re: dani48]
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Robertkc Offline

Registered: 06/09/16
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Originally Posted By: Rustyspoon#
Beautiful! Fairy tale like. Very interesting lyrically, and you bend those lyrics masterfully!
I enjoyed this tune very much!

Thank you for sharing!


I like the fairy tale comment- thanks for listening to my fantasy!

Originally Posted By: dcuny
Nicely done! The guitar strings are almost like a music box that draws the listener into the story.

Like Jim, I wasn't entirely sure if you were singing about a woman or a ship, or a bit of both.

The ambiguity works well here.

The ringing 12-string with nylon guitar is a combination I probably wouldn`t have come up with- these imaginative PG Song Style inventors should get more credit.
I`m glad you enjoyed this.

Originally Posted By: dani48
Hi, Robert !

What a lovely tune so
delicately performed !
this must be one of
your absolute best at
least it is my Robfav
from now on !:))


Thanks very much, Dani!


#543798 - 07/02/19 12:39 PM [User Showcase] Re: The Lightkeeper`s Waltz [Re: Robertkc]
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Joe -PG Music Offline
PG Music Staff

Registered: 01/18/16
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Wow nice work on this Robert! Really enjoyed the gentle vibe on this. Good job on the vocals too!

#543805 - 07/02/19 01:35 PM [User Showcase] Re: The Lightkeeper`s Waltz [Re: Robertkc]
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Janice & Bud Offline

Registered: 12/05/11
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We like waltzes

We like vivd imagery

We like the mystique

We like good vocals

We like nice progressions

We like mixes that breathe

All meaning we REALLY like this!

Well done.


#544059 - 07/04/19 09:15 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Lightkeeper`s Waltz [Re: Robertkc]
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Robertkc Offline

Registered: 06/09/16
Posts: 2891
Thank you for the listens and positive comments Joe, Janice & Bud.


#544166 - 07/05/19 07:07 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Lightkeeper`s Waltz [Re: Robertkc]
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Loc: Edmonton, Ab, Canada
Scott C Offline

Registered: 12/08/11
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Loc: Edmonton, Ab, Canada
Well back from my trek across the prairies. So the song pop up while traveling. Was looking forward to get back home and have a listen on the headphones.

Just loved this tune. So delicate and well performed. Your vocal was just perfect. Always love to read your lyrics before I listen to the song. So very cool to follow the picture you paint with you lyrics. Well done Robert.

#544377 - 07/06/19 10:37 AM [User Showcase] Re: The Lightkeeper`s Waltz [Re: Scott C]
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Robertkc Offline

Registered: 06/09/16
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Good to hear you made it home safe.There should be lighthouses across those prairies!
Thank you for finding things to like in this one.


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