PG Music has made MANY video to demonstrate features found in Band-in-a-Box and RealBand. The large number of videos makes it difficult to find THE video you need to learn about a specific feature. Luckily, Windows has a search function that will quickly find the video you need as long as the search term you use is in a video title.

Ctrl + F opens a search bar. The bar is webpage specific so if you open multiple webpages the search bar will be on the bottom of whatever page that is active when you pressed Ctrl + F.

From left to right the search bar has: a text box, up and down arrows, search modifiers, search information and an exit "X" to the far right.

The text box is where you enter the search word or term. If the term is not found on the webpage the text box background turns red. If the term is found the first occurrence of the term is highlighted.

Up and down arrows move forward and backwards between occurrences of search term on the webpage.

The search modifiers are: 1) Highlight All (occurrences of the search term that appears on the webpage), 2) Match Case (if the search term is normally capitalized) and 3) Whole words (so you don't end up with a lot of matches to just a few letters).

The information can be anything from the number of match on the webpage, to which occurrence in the sequence you're viewing, to a simple "no matches found" when appropriate.

"X" closes the search bar.

Note: When you use the search bar, the search bar remembers the last search term used.


Description: Ctrl + F opens the search bar. In this example the search bar is along the bottom of the browser window.


Description: Type the search term in the search window. Up and down arrows (next to the search term window) navigate forward and backward. A note details how many found information.


Description: The search box turns red and "Phrase not found" appears if there is no match.

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