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#578922 - 02/01/20 03:01 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Registered: 09/30/16
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Loc: Netherlands, Haarlem
Birchwood Online   content

Registered: 09/30/16
Posts: 408
Loc: Netherlands, Haarlem
Hello Peter,

Thanks a lot for putting my name on the list of the winners of this showcase award. I am proud of that fact, but I also would like to honour your fantastic piece of software that made this possible. I have so much joy in making songs and BB makes it pretty easy to get nice results. And of course I would like to thank all 'my colleagues' and the BB staffmembers Ember and Deryk on the forum. Their comments and support are heartwarming all the time.
It is also very impressing hearing so much good songs on the forum. You must be proud of yourself to have created a product that makes all of this possible.

Hans Berkhout

#578961 - 02/01/20 09:11 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
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rsdean Offline

Registered: 08/09/10
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Loc: Woodstock, NY
Peter / Team,

Thank you so much. It really means a lot...

SoundCloud Tracks

#579091 - 02/02/20 01:28 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Registered: 11/29/06
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Loc: Finland
jannesan Offline

Registered: 11/29/06
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Loc: Finland
Thanks PGMusic, it's a huge honor to be included on this list! I have used BIAB more than 20 years and it is still the only one I wouldn't like to be without. It has really boosted my songwriting to new levels, several honorable mentions in a song contest wouldn't have been possible without BIAB as an inspiration and backing band. And thanks to other showcase members, I have seen that it is possible to use BIAB in many different and creative ways.


#579146 - 02/02/20 09:04 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Registered: 06/09/16
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Robertkc Offline

Registered: 06/09/16
Posts: 2393
Thank you very much PG Music and your excellent staff; its so rare to find a company that listens,cares and responds with genuine enthusiasm to its customers!
I`m a relative newcomer to the, there are folks here with 25 years experience...without Biab its likely I`d still be recording demos on cassette to be put away in a shoe box.
You guys are awesome!


#579507 - 02/05/20 05:50 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Registered: 07/03/19
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RichardB1985 Offline

Registered: 07/03/19
Posts: 60
Wow, I can't believe I'm in this list. Not only do I not feel even close in ability to the other people listed, nor able to give the kind of useful advice they provide. And also as I've have had to take a long break from submitting anything or posting due to work and university commitments!

I'm certainly honoured to be listed amongst such talented people.

Thanks for such a generous gesture smile!

#580886 - 02/14/20 06:14 PM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Registered: 04/23/18
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Deej56 Offline

Registered: 04/23/18
Posts: 502
Wow, this is very, very cool. Congrats everyone--an outstanding year of music!

I can't imagine where I'd be musically without this software--a true Godsend! And the continued generosity and support of the PG staff continues to amaze. You all rock!

My best to each and all of you,


#581169 - 02/16/20 10:48 AM [User Showcase] Re: 2019 User Showcase Awards.... Congratulations to.... [Re: PeterGannon]
Registered: 03/02/13
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Loc: Helsinki, Finland
dani48 Offline

Registered: 03/02/13
Posts: 3791
Loc: Helsinki, Finland
Dear Peter !

Forgive me this late answer but
I did return today from Spain and
a monthlong semiworking sejour down there.
As I did not have any means of
communicating from there, though, I did realize
that I had once again been honored
with the PG prize 2019 ! For this
I do feel most humble and thankful especially when
I have´nt been able to be as prolific
regarding songs as I had hoped for I
do hope that there will be more to come
with the updated BIAB program !

Thus I do thank you so much for this
wonderful gift - we all know there ain´t
any better and want to bring you my greatest
thanks !


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