An update is available for Band-in-a-Box® Version 2019

Download the Band-in-a-Box 2019 Build 321 update

(This update includes DAW Plugin 1.16.29)

Summary of changes for build 321 (Mar 23, 2020):

  • Fixed: Song title will be changed to ? when re-saving if it previously contained international characters like é or ©.
  • Fixed: Event List window is using wrong colors.
  • Fixed: Some song titles are blank in the Song Titles dialog.
  • Fixed: Clicking on Print Chords from the chord sheet context menu causes application to crash.
  • Fixed: On some computers the application will crash when opening the Piano Roll window.
  • Fixed: Gender Param. setting was ignored in the Generate Synthetic Vocal dialog.
  • Fixed: Vibrato Intensity setting was ignored in the Generate Synthetic Vocal dialog.
  • Fixed: Pitch shifting setting was ignored in the Generate Synthetic Vocal dialog.
  • Fixed: There is no option to cancel when generating a synthetic vocal.
  • Fixed: The Vocal Synth feature would freeze for various operating systems.
  • Fixed: Language selection for the Vocal Synth generator was wrong.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when using the Audio Chord Wizard.
  • Fixed: Jazz Up or Jazz Down was not undoable.
  • Fixed: Dropping video files onto the Video RealTracks dialog failed, displaying flash message reporting that the video format was not compatible.
  • Fixed: The copyright button in the Print Options dialog did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Soloist > Edit Soloist Track > Remove Harmony would display popup message "not implemented".
  • Fixed: Soloist > Edit Soloist Track > Convert Harmony to Soloist Track would also launch the Generate Chords and/or Melody dialog.
  • Fixed: Soloist > Edit Soloist Track > Auto-Rechannel to Guitar Display would also toggle Embellish Melody.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when opening Song Picker dialog.
  • Fixed: Edit > Song Form > Unfold does not remove the tag ending.
  • Fixed: Application crash when using Edit > Song Form > Unfold if song contains tag ending.
  • Fixed: Tracks are listed twice in the Load XML File dialog.
  • Fixed: The note name indicator in the Notation window was not displaying.
  • Fixed: "...NOT rendered successfully to disk” error when using "Export Song as M4A" or "Export Song as AIFF".
  • Fixed: "invalid integer" error when loading some ABC files.
  • Fixed: "There was an error converting” error when attempting to import compressed audio files (.m4a, .mp3, etc.)
  • Fixed: User is not asked to save their song after applying a harmony to Melody or Soloist track.
  • Fixed: The demo player might fail to play a local file.
  • Fixed: There should be a warning message when opening the Notation window if the notation fonts are not installed.
  • Fixed: If opening a song from an version 2017 or earlier, any Audio Chord Wizard bar lines might be offset.
  • Fixed: The Guitar window did not display the capo.
  • Improved: Guitar capo setting can be changed by right-clicking the fret position bar.
  • Fixed: The Chord Builder did not update position when clicking on a different bar in the chord sheet.
  • Fixed: Changing a custom track label had not option to Undo, and did not prompt user to save song.
  • Fixed: Importing an ABCNotation file would not include the key signature.
  • Fixed: ABC files only opening some chords.
  • Fixed: Problem storing minor keys.
  • Fixed: MusicXML files created by Band-in-a-Box cannot be loaded by Band-in-a-Box if song title contains & (ampersand).
  • Improved: More detailed bootup log.

Summary of changes for build 317 (Dec 5, 2019):

  • Fixed: The mouse scroll wheel did not work in the Notation window.
  • Fixed: Xtra Styles 8 showing as 7.
  • Fixed: The Generate Video window would sometimes get lost behind the main window.
  • Fixed: "Print Chords" in the Chord Sheet right-click menu does nothing.
  • Fixed: Piano Roll window did not remember snap settings between program sessions.
  • Fixed: There are 2 file open dialogs when opening a MIDI file, and the choice of the first one is ignored.
  • Added: Floating Audio Edit window can be access from the Window menu, or Shift+Click on the Audio Edit button.
  • Added: Floating Piano Roll window can be access from the Window menu, or Shift+Click on the Piano Roll button.
  • Fixed: Chord Sheet & Notation video rendering features were not available.
  • Fixed: Soloist > Generate and Play a Solo would fail to generate or start playback.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash when opening a song that contains note-based lyrics.
  • Fixed: Dragging a single track to export MIDI causes that track to be permanently soloed.

Summary of changes for build 315 (Nov 15, 2019):

  • Fixed: Exporting MusicXML files was not working.
  • Fixed: When using "Auto-Hand split Piano track" feature, exported MIDI files contain wrong note durations on the Piano track.
  • Fixed: Note-based lyrics were not included when exporting MIDI files.
  • Fixed: User should be prompted to save their song when exiting, if they had added or removed plugins.
  • Fixed: The Record Audio dialog always says “Track type is Stereo” even if the track type is mono.
  • Fixed: The [Audio Options…] button in the Record Audio dialog was launching the Audio Devices dialog instead of the Audio Settings dialog.
  • Fixed: Loops dialog title bar displays wrong track name.
  • Fixed: Large patch map files are not completely loaded (were limited to 1985 patches).
  • Fixed: Notation context menu > Edit Section Text… did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Notation context menu > Insert Section Text… did not do anything.

Summary of changes for build 314 (Nov 8, 2019):

  • Fixed: Video RealTracks would fail to render if using macOS Catalina.
  • Fixed: Command+Return should be the hot-key for Options | MIDI Patch Maps, etc. | Insert current MIDI chord.
  • Fixed: Window | Audio Chord Wizard menu item should say "Audio Chord Wizard (Legacy Standalone)", and should not be available for macOS Catalina 10.15 or higher.
  • Improved: Auditioning styles, RealTracks, and RealDrums will start demo playback faster for online demos.
  • Improved: Help video button added to the Audio Chord Wizard toolbar in the Audio Edit window.
  • Fixed: In the Audio Chord Wizard toolbar, the "Auto Marking" and "Auto Analysis" checkboxes did not update after undoing.
  • Fixed: Clicking the [Analyze] button in the Audio Chord Wizard toolbar should warn the user if no bar lines are set.
  • Fixed: Launching he Audio Chord Wizard causes button hints to not show in the Audio Edit window, and it is not possible to return to the chord sheet.
  • Fixed: When using the Audio Chord Wizard, sometimes the hour-glass mouse cursor does not go away after analyzing chords.
  • Fixed: Double-clicking on a song file in the Finder to open it while Band-in-a-Box is running might cause a "Save before closing?" dialog to get stuck behind the main window.

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 312 (Oct 28, 2019):

  • Fixed: English should be used if the selected language resources are not available.
  • Fixed: Control+Click was not triggering a right click in various parts of the program.
  • Fixed: The audio track would go out of sync if opening the Audio Edit window during playback.
  • Fixed: RealDrums will not play if there is a .wma file in the RealDrums directory.
  • Fixed: The "Include Songs without Melodies” setting in the Jukebox options dialog was producing the opposite result.
  • Fixed: The Jukebox should default to the Songs directory if there are no songs in the previously used
  • Fixed: The DAWPlugin window might disappear when the style is generating. This affects programs like Ableton Live, Cubase, and Studio One. directory.
  • Fixed: Options | Language Selection would cause "out of bounds" error if not using English version.

Summary of changes for DAW plugin build 1.16.29
  • Fixed: Some Band-in-a-Box song files would fail to load in the DAW Plugin.
  • Fixed: Shots, Holds, and Rests would not be imported into the DAW Plugin from Band-in-a-Box song files.
  • Fixed: Clear renders tool-tip shows "Clear Renders_1"
  • Fixed: All tool-tips and functions to be "mac" specific
  • Fixed: Resolution of Standalone plugin icon
  • Fixed: Standalone plugin doesn't ask to save when closing
  • Fixed: Update host state when adding chords
  • Fixed: "Open Recent" opening file picker dialog
  • Fixed: Clicking on bar in chord sheet while playing will stop tracks
  • Fixed: "SavedTracks" folder could be any name
  • Fixed: Custom "SavedTracks" folder not working
  • Fixed: Mute not working on midi tracks
  • Fixed: Add plugin support for Legacy OS X (from 10.7)
  • Fixed: Synced tracks not updating
  • Fixed: Plugin made sound when starting playback in Cubase
  • Fixed: Plugin made sound when stopping playback
  • Fixed: Generation not cancelling when starting new session
  • Fixed: Fix Generate all pages not working
  • Fixed: Mixing short Multi-Riffs with full length tracks had wrong timing.

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 310 (Oct 22, 2019):

  • Fixed: Most menu items are blank if booting Band-in-a-Box in a non-English operating system.
  • Fixed: The guitar fretboard type would not switch based on the selected RealTracks (eg. display 4 strings for bass RealTracks).
  • Fixed: If the Bass track is selected while opening the Guitar window, then switching to a 6-string track will not display guide notes for all 6 strings.
  • Fixed: The [Play] [Stop] [+] [-] buttons in the StylePicker do not respond properly to mouse clicks.
  • Fixed: Redundant wording in the MIDI Track Picker dialog.
  • Fixed: The Jukebox should default to the Songs directory if no song is currently selected.
  • Fixed: The currently selected style should be selected and visible when opening the StylePicker.

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 309 (Oct 15, 2019):

  • Fixed: The Chord Builder is disabled if previously opened before using a modal dialog (eg. Style Picker, Set Tempo).
  • Fixed: The program might crash when selecting RealTracks in the Best RealTracks dialog (eg. #2541)
  • Improved: Higher dots-per-inch printing.
  • Added: [Print Chords Only] button added to the Print Options dialog.
  • Fixed: Wrong notes in Oohs and Aahs RealTracks.

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 308 (Oct 4, 2019):

  • Fixed: It was not possible to type + in the chord sheet, unless using the number pad + key.
  • Fixed: User is not asked to save their song if opening another song from within the Finder (double-clicking on song, or dragging on to application icon).
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box song files might change their file association to The file icons become blue instead of yellow, and double-clicking on them in the Finder will not launch Band-in-a-Box. A hidden BBM4 application will be running, and can only be terminated within the Activity Monitor.
  • Fixed: Clicking on buttons in the bottom row of the Chord Builder would crash the program.
  • Added: Language selection dialog added to Options menu.

Summary of changes in DAW Plugin 1.16.12

  • Fixed: The DAW Plugin should not check for Band-in-a-Box update patches.
  • Fixed: Better highlighting in chord sheet.
  • Fixed: Make selected cell at the end after pasting.
  • Fixed: Some styles not dragging all tracks from blue button.
  • Fixed: Losing focus in chord sheet.
  • Fixed: Plugin stops playing non-synced tracks when closing and then opening plugin.
  • Fixed: Issues in DP (8 & 10) lagging and not loading tracks or songs.
  • Fixed: Track text resizing incorrectly.
  • Fixed: C#7b5b9b13 to chord sheet.
  • Fixed: Audio stutters when resizing plugin in Cubase and Ableton live.
  • Fixed: Auto generation after open feature not working in Studio One.
  • Fixed: Playback in plugin is distorted after switching plugins.
  • Fixed: Crackling audio in Cubase.
  • Added: SHIFT-ARROWS to select in chord sheet.
  • Added: SHIFT-TAB to go backwards in chord sheet.
  • Added: Copy selected cell if nothing highlighted.
  • Added: Support for all Band-in-a-Box file types (.SG1 etc).

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 306 (Sept 25, 2019):

  • Fixed: Printing the Lead Sheet was not supported.
  • Fixed: The Audio Chord Wizard was not producing any chords.
  • Fixed: If Band-in-a-Box does not have read/write privileges for the Data or Preferences folder during bootup, it will attempt to get privileges (requires Administrator account).

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 305 (Sept 20, 2019):

  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box was not always opening with the same window position as the previous session.
  • Fixed: The "Normalize mix" setting was not working when rendering to audio.
  • Fixed: If the "Normalize individual tracks" setting was checked, then the full mix would be normalized when rendering audio.
  • Fixed: MIDI tracks might not render to audio when using the DAW Plugin.
  • Updated: PDF Manuals.

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 304 (Sept 17, 2019):

  • Fixed: Double-clicking does not start a demo in the RealDrums picker and RealTracks picker dialogs.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash if opening and closing an AU plugin's GUI several times.
  • Fixed: Misc StylePicker data corrections
  • Added: _Offbeat.sty (used in new features video tutorial)

Summary of changes for Version 2019 Build 303 (Sept 13, 2019):

  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash when opening the Notation Options dialog.
  • Fixed: Memory leak when opening and closing the Lead Sheet window multiple times.
  • Fixed: Right-clicking to open context menus on chord sheet would not work if moving the mouse while the right mouse button was down.
  • Fixed: List boxes were not scrolling to display the selected item (eg. the Loops window).
  • Fixed: The notation window should not respond to mouse clicks when a modal dialog is open.
  • Fixed: The track labels in the Mixer would sometimes have very large text.
  • Fixed: The Guitar window should reopen while starting the program if it was open while exiting.
  • Fixed: Clicking near a staff line will now insert the note on the line.
  • Fixed: Holding Ctrl key when pressing the Zoom In or Zoom Out (+/-) buttons in the Notation Window will now zoom in or out by the minimum possible amount.
  • Fixed: Pressing the Zoom In or Zoom Out buttons in the Notation Window would cause the vertical scroll bar to jump to the bottom location.
  • Fixed: right-clicking on the time line in the Notation Window was causing both the Beat Resolution Dialog and the right click menu to pop up instead of just the Beat Resolution Dialog.
  • Fixed: Close button did not close the print options dialog
  • Fixed: Added the flash message regarding printing to the Print Options dialog
  • Fixed: when switching to the Drum track in the Lead Sheet window, then debugger would issue a message about an invalid context.
  • Fixed: if switching from LeadSheet to Notation and then back to Lead Sheet, there would be a bogus Notation Window still onscreen.

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