All our Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Windows users will be thrilled with the enhancements added with the latest FREE Update (build 717)!

The program stability is vastly improved, with fewer possible crashes, BeStPlain chord font support has been added for additional chords, mid/xml/mxl file import has been tweaked to better handle certain cases (e.g. ties, zero duration drum notes), there is improved the stability of the audio chord wizard, and more.

Plus, hundreds of RealTracks files have been enhanced and improved with simpler options for RealTracks and MIDI SuperTracks, smoother transitions, updated RealCharts and Hi-Q RealCharts, improved transcriptions, and revised endings! Check out the full list of RealTracks and other Add-on improvements with build 717 here.

We didn't stop there – the VST DAW Plugin is also updated with this patch, adding TONS of enhancements and a new Shortcuts file feature! Now you can easily zoom within the Plugin, smoothly drag tracks, use the P hotkey to toggle between part markers, transpose chords to "natural accidentals," the scrolling has been improved, and more!

Read the detailed list of enhancements included in Band-in-a-Box® 2020 build 717 for Windows or download it here.

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Free Update Patch Details

This Includes a DAW Plugin update to 2.5.25 and numerous RealTracks updates.

Summary of changes for build 717

  • Chord sheet videos might be full with random white rectangle artifacts if rendering to a larger resolution file.
  • Possible crash when using the Audio Chord Wizard.
  • Dropping a MusicXML file onto Band-in-a-Box, and then choosing [Yes] to import the file causes an access violation.
  • Band-in-a-Box will freeze during bootup if intrface.bbw is corrupted.
  • 7#9 chord does not display if using the BeStPlain chord font font.
  • If higher sample rate or higher bit depth are selected prior to rendering to mp3, m4a, or wma, the process will fail with error -1072875847 or -1072875852.
  • Using space bar to start song from beginning should not always cause the song to re-generate.
  • If importing a MIDI file, drum notes with duration zero do not play.
  • Edit > Song Form > Unfold does not remove the tag ending.
  • Changing multiple bars in the Bar Settings dialog will not be displayed on the chord sheet or title bar.
  • Issue with ties in loading XML files.
  • Some .mxl files would not load.
  • Melody > Generate Soundtrack > Load Soundtrack song... causes "File problem" error.
  • Misc. Feature Browser and PDF manual updates.
  • Several of the "1TrackVocalSection" variations of the "RockNRollGospel12-8 Vocal Mmms" RealTracks were broken
  • Updated: PDF Manual and help file routine updates.

DAW Plugin build 2.5.25:

  • "Open Recent" opened file chooser dialog
  • Unfold feature not working with some songs
  • Choruses not resetting when playback is stopped in DAW
  • Chord superscripts
  • Clicking zoom many times will crash standalone plugin
  • Undo removes all chords after opening a song
  • Buzzing sound in Studio One
  • Plugin determining chord accidentals now matches main program
  • Removed alert menu when sync playing tracks that are not up-to-date (generated).
  • Cancelling generate made song lose "dirty" state
  • All selected tracks should drag from the plugin
  • Shortcut file feature not working always working. Support was also added for pgshortc.txt files
  • Double clicking grey area in chord sheet started playback
  • Bar highlighting skipped last chorus when the start bar is greater than 1
  • Right-click on bar should first launch popup menu
  • Double clicking anywhere on a track should open its picker
  • Opening plugin when the DAW has altered tempo shows sync tempo indicator despite the match
  • typing roman numerals in Normal display makes them show as superscripts
  • Dragging tracks not working properly
  • Changing track does not delete old file (if not dragged).
  • Selected Host shows duplicates in the list
  • Double clicking on empty track should not launch a picker
  • Generate state should reset when all tracks are replaced
  • Added: About to File Menu
  • Added: "year" to plugin name
  • remove sync tempo button if already synced
  • improve 2 finger scroll (too fast)
  • Issues transposing chords correctly
  • "Key" field shows unrelated text
  • Auto-Generate runs after File->New and previous style is loaded
  • Sync tempo button not working
  • Issues with focusing plugin when running bbApp
  • Not repainting after opening track context menu
  • Problem transposing chords to "natural accidentals" when explicitly typed in "unnatural" way (ie: Cm chords in Key of C)
  • Closing plugin window in DAW should close any open bb windows for that instance
  • Issues remaining with scrolling
  • P should be a hotkey for part marker toggle (but not interfere with entering titles etc).
  • Nashville Notation font
  • Issue calling bbApp to localize strings when changing language
  • File-New should preserve the style name
  • add checkbox to toggle buttons
  • Added: Shortcuts file feature
  • Cannot enter some chords in chord sheet
  • Generate makes VST jump to background
  • Added: opening song file with wav of same name should load it into audio track
  • "Generating Style" not translating properly
  • scroll wheel on mouse wheel not scrolling track table
  • make flashing generate more subtle (maybe small light indicator like tempo sync)
  • focus taken from plugin when initializing band-in-a-box
  • get focus for all windows in bbapp
  • up-key and down-key not going to empty page in track table
  • adding audio file from master + menu adds it to audio track
  • Visual transpose +0/+12 not working in alternate chord displays
  • Visual transpose increases bottom label size on every change
  • Visual Transpose not saving properly
  • Visual transpose not resetting when starting new session
  • SavedTracks folder can't be external
  • pulsating buttons
  • unfold/fold should not trigger "Song Is Dirty"
  • adding/changing track after generating should trigger "Song Is Dirty"
  • generated added/changed track should not trigger "Song Is Dirty"
  • close bbApp if open when changing folder paths
  • bb connection icon not repainting after style picker

Other RealTracks Improvements:

  • Simple options now available for these MSTs:
    Piano, Soloist RhythmChangesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Soloist JazzBluesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Rhythm JazzBluesCompMiles Sw 140
  • RealCharts improved for:
    Bass, Electric, MerengueAB Ev16 130
  • Simple tags added, and better transitions between chords for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Soloist RhythmChangesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Acoustic, Soloist JazzBluesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzBluesCompMiles Sw 140
  • The abbreviated name for 'Fiddle, BackgroundSoloist MommasPrayerAndy Sw 085' had "Mandolin" in the name.
  • This RealTrack will work slightly better over all chords:
    Fiddle, Background WesternSwing Sw 190
  • RealCharts were incorrect for:
    Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Songwriter16ths Ev16 075
    Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Songwriter16thsHigh Ev16 075
  • Better transitions for:
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountryPopBrent12-key Ev 085
  • Improved RealCharts for:
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist CountryBluesRock Ev 110
  • Simple option now available, and better transition between chords for:
    Guitar, Resonator, Background CountryWaltzRandy Sw 110
  • Simple option now available for:
    Guitar, Resonator, Rhythm Folk8thsRandy Ev 085
  • Simple options now available for these RealTracks & MIDI SuperTracks:
    Piano, ElectricVintage, Rhythm RockabillyMike Sw 190 (MST)
    Organ, Rhythm BluesSlow128Mike Sw 065 (RT & MST)
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm GypsyJazzJohn Sw 190 (RT)
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzClassicJohn Sw 110
  • Some chords were playing incorrectly for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm FolkSlowSw16Mike Sw16 060 (RT)
    Piano, Rhythm FolkSlowSw16Mike Sw16 060 (MST)"
  • RealCharts & simple version now available for:
    Bass, Acoustic, OldTimeFastWaltz Sw 165
  • Simple options available for:
    Cello, Background CelticAirFlowingNatalie Ev 085
    Cello, Background CelticHornpipeFlowingNatalie Sw16 070
    Cello, Background CelticWaltzNatalie Ev 100
    Cello, Rhythm Celtic SlipjigChoppingNatalie Sw 110
    Cello, Rhythm CelticHornpipeChopNatalie Sw16 070
    Cello, Rhythm CelticJigChoppingNatalieAB Sw 110
    Cello, Rhythm CelticReelChoppingNatalieAB Ev16 110
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist LaidBackBluesyBrent Ev 100
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist PopBalladBrent Ev 065
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist RnBPopBrent Ev 110
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist Slow12-8Brent Sw 040
    Guitar, Electric, Background CinemaHeldHighDarin Ev16 090
    Guitar, Electric, Background CinemaHeldLowDarin Ev16 090
  • RealCharts now available for:
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AtmosphereWaltzArpDarin Ev 120
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm IslandGroove Ev16 100
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SkaFastPunk Ev16 180
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticReelDADGAD Ev16 110
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm RumbaFlamencaBallad Ev16 090"
  • Some issues with RealCharts fixed:
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm AndesHuayno Ev16 085"
  • Improved "Hi-Q" RealCharts for:
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPop16thsHighZane Ev16 0
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopSlow16thsZane Ev16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopSw16Zane Sw16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopSwingZane Sw 085
  • Improved chord transitions for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm TrainBeatJohn Ev 130
  • Some wrong notes fixed for MIDI Supertracks:
    Piano, Solo-Accompaniment CountryPopJohn Ev 085
    Piano, Rhythm PopWaltz Ev 180"
  • Improved RealCharts for:
    Bass, Electric, IslandGrooveAB Ev16 100
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzBluesCompOlly Sw 140
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist JazzBluesOlly Sw 140
    Sax, Tenor, Soloist JazzBluesPJ Sw 140
    Steel Drum, Rhythm IslandGroove Ev16 100"
  • Minor fixes for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RockNRollJohn Ev 165"
  • Simple tags available for these MSTs:
    Shakuhachi, Synth, Background NewAge Ev 110
    Synth, Rhythm Rock80s Ev 120
    Bass, Synth, Rhythm JazzFunkFat Ev 110
    Koto, Synth, Rhythm NewAge Ev 110
    Synth, Background JazzFunkLead Ev 110"
  • Improved transcriptions, simple tags available and riff selection improved
    Bass, Acoustic, Soloist JazzBluesNeilAB Sw 140
    Sax, Tenor, Soloist JazzBluesPJ Sw 140
    Sax, Tenor, Soloist RhythmChangesPJ Sw 140
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NashvilleRadioBalladDanny Ev16 075
    Bass, Electric, AmericanaPop8thsSteveAB Ev 100
    Bass, Electric, Americana16thsSteveAB Ev16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Soca Ev16 120
    Bass, Electric, AmericanaSlow12-8SteveAB Sw 040
    Guitar, Electric, Background SocaSingle-note Ev16 120
    Guitar, Baritone Electric, Background AmericanaTremBrent Ev16 075
  • Some endings were playing incorrectly:
    Piano, Electric, HeldChords 120
  • Simple Tags added for these RealTracks:
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist BossaSlow Ev 085
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm IslandJohn Ev 110
  • Other RealTracks updated as needed if there is a newer version available.

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