Hi all

I thought this might be more useful to folks in here.
It was tucked away in and old reply of mine, so I thought it would be a better souce of reference here.


If you are of a mind to download Cakewalk/ Sona instrument definitions ( .ins ) files from the internet to covert to pat files in BIAB,
You may like this ins file checker to check them for errors like undefined and misspelt definition references internally not much good converting a faulty one give you all sorts of problems.

The checker is on my Boxnet link below;
Just download and then click it is a self installing exe, it will ask to make a desktop icon say yes for easy access ,
To use click on icon browse to your ins file select the file and click open click check it wiil ask you were you want to save the resulting text file listing any errors, name the file, by default it will save back to where you got it from don’t worry it is only the txt report and wont overwrite your ins file


Hope some of you find this of use,

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