In Acid Pro, the plugin shows up as available, but will not open

Acid Pro 10 supports VST2 and VST3, however currently the VST2 must be used due to a compatibility issue. Here are some tips for using the VST2 in Acid:

  1. When running the Band-in-a-Box (DAW Plugin) installer, you should select the checkbox to install the VST2 (64bit). This is not selected by default.
  2. Open Acid, and in the Explorer view, click the Plugin Manager tab, then click the VST Configuration button at top-right.
  3. Add "C:\Program Files\VSTPlugins" to the folder list in this dialog if it's not already present, and press [Scan]. NOTE: for future Band-in-a-Box updates, make sure to select the VST2 checkbox as above. The latest VST2 plugin version will be installed to this folder.
  4. Go the Insert menu and select Soft Synth. Select "Band-in-a-Box DAW VST Plugin". If this specific entry is not present, double-check your VST folder configuration as above. If necessary you can copy the VST2 file from the Band-in-a-Box folder to the VSTPlugins folder. All of the plugin files can be found in C:\bb\BBPlugin\Files.
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