I'm using the Digitech Trio+ pedal for drafting out songs and it's working out really well.
I can turn out a pretty usable band like sound quite quickly - and even use it for rehearsing a live performance.
Problem is, once I'm happy with the song I cannot get a usable track down direct from the Trio into my recording software. The bass & drum parts are output as a mono signal and there's no click or MIDI sync available to lock it onto a DAW track.
It would streamline my writing -> production if I knew which of the styles in BIAB match the ones I've ended up with on the Trio+ for any given song part. I could then recreate the Trio+ song quickly in BIAB.

Big assumption . . . . I'm assuming here that PG Music have ported a subset of their styles direct onto the Trio+.

Any documentation out there to help?
Also, is there any way to export the styles lists from my Mac version of BIAB 2020 with descriptions and metadata, to a readable format?

EDIT: I got a response from Simon on the PG Music Chat line about my question "I don't think the built-in styles directly map to any particular style, but I'll find out, hang on. . . . . Yes, as I thought, the styles in the pedal are special styles created specifically for it. We do not have details on the styles."

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