Band-in-a-Box 2020 build 728 is available

(This includes DAW Plugin 2.10.9)

Note: There have been some major fixes and enhancements to the DAW plugin recently, including a more intuitive GUI, mute/solo buttons, and sync to host options. Here is a video tutorial that describes some of these changes:

Summary of changes for build 728 (Aug 13)
  • Fixed: Possible Access Violation crashes (wmp.dll) when playing demos in the StylePicker after playing demos in other dialogs.
  • Fixed: The Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi plugin is silent in the 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: The plugins window would not respond to plugin GUI resizes (eg. opening the FX panel in the Roland Sound Canvas VA).
  • Fixed: The floating Piano Roll window would go blank when opening the Notation window.
  • Fixed: The floating Audio Edit window would go blank when opening the Notation window.
  • Fixed: Chords in the Audio Edit window should display pushes (^ or ^^).

Summary of changes for build 725 (July 22)
  • Fixed: User should be prompted to save their song after editing the song memo.
  • Fixed: Attempting to step-advance with the Guitar or Big Piano windows would not work for the the Piano track, displaying flash message "Piano track is empty, cannot step advance".
  • Fixed: The Audio track should be recovered if choosing not to save song after choosing Kill Audio.
  • Fixed: Edit > Redo Kill Audio did not work.
  • Fixed: Audio > Edit Audio > Erase Choruses menu items did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Pressing Play in the MIDI SuperTracks dialog would crash the program.

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin 2.10.9 (July 22)
  • Added: "Insert" and "Delete" options in chord sheet context menu (right-click)
  • Fixed: Tempo/time sig was sometimes appearing on first bar
  • Fixed: DAW playback bar highlighting was not accurate for tempo with decimal
  • Fixed: Bars in chord sheet were not highlighting on shift-click
  • Fixed: Chord sheet right-click was resetting highlighted bars
  • Fixed: Changed shortcut for deleting bars from "REMOVE" to "DELETE"
  • Fixed: Inserting/Deleting bars not working correctly in chord sheet
  • Fixed: Undo/Redo not working in chord sheet
  • Fixed: Text in track table not resizing automatically
  • Fixed: Minor resizing inconsistencies for chord sheet
  • Fixed: Pushes not working if note is lower case (ie: ^a, ^^d, etc.)
  • Fixed: Tags should disappear for 1 chorus and reappear for multiple choruses and not be set when not active
  • Fixed: Playback progress bar is not accurate if tags exist
  • Fixed: Zoom in chord sheet should preserve viewed area
  • Fixed: Plugin should check if rendered files exist and reset "generate status" upon change
  • Fixed: "Generate Needed" should flash anytime tracks are not generated/up to date
  • Fixed: Generating master track after other tracks does not individual tracks
  • Fixed: Crash after entering tempo with decimal (only allow integer or round to int)
  • Fixed: Placement of chord sheet visuals should not overlap and fit in the space given
  • Fixed: Plugin showing irrelevant messages when bb app cannot be found
  • Fixed: Changing total choruses during playback did not trigger "Generate Needed"
  • Fixed: "Selected Host" in Preferences said "Unknown" if DAW not in list

Summary of changes for build 724 (June 22)
  • Fixed: "Control has no parent window." error after using CTRL+L to exit Note Based Lyrics entry mode in the Notation Window.
  • Fixed: Bar Based Lyrics and Section Text would not display properly in the Lead Sheet when using Japanese version.
  • Fixed: Lyrics would not display properly in Big Lyrics window when using Japanese version.
  • Fixed: The RealDrums button should open the RealDrums Picker if holding [shift] key, and RealDrums Preferences if holding [ctrl] key.
  • Fixed: RealCharts for:
    Horn Section, Background BluesShuffle Sw 130
    Sax, Tenor, Background BluesShuffleGrowlyHigh Sw 130
    Sax, Tenor, Background BluesShuffleLow Sw 130
    Trumpet, Background BluesShuffle Sw 130
  • Added: RealCharts for Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Blues Chuck Sw 102 and Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticJigDADGAD Sw 110
  • Fixed: Endings fixed: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140
  • Fixed: LoungeFunkSput^ and LoungeFunkPerc^ - Many variations were not playing endings properly.
  • Fixed: Guitar, Baritone Electric, Rhythm BluesyPopHeldEmbelBrent Ev 100: might play in the wrong key.
  • Fixed: A number of RealStyles and Demos have fixes to correct minor playback problems, key, feel, and song memos.

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin 2.9.41 (June 22)

  • Added: "Send MIDI Data to DAW for playing MIDI tracks" option in Preferences. **Note: When not enabled, the plugin will send the rendered audio for MIDI tracks if available
  • Added: Grey "track type" name in description area if track is empty
  • Added: Daw tempo under tempo if not the same
  • Added: Context menu option in track table to generate selection for MultiRiffs
  • Added: Global sync to host button for non standalone plugin types
  • Added: Mute and solo buttons
  • Added: Mute and solo options in track context menu
  • Added: Labels for pages in track table
  • Added: Preferences options for "Default Sync"
  • Added: Context menu in chord sheet
  • Added: Default settings button in preferences dialog
  • Added: Red MIDI channel icon next next to track description
  • Added: Chord sheet auto resizes to fit length of song
  • Added: Spacebar starts/stops playback in standalone plugin only
  • Changed: WAVE, MIDI, and CHART button redesign
  • Changed: Update stereo/mono indicators to be abbreviations
  • Changed: Moved demo (play) button to style info area
  • Fixed: Changed default setting for "Auto Generate Songs" to false
  • Fixed: Problems generating a RealDrums track on page two
  • Fixed: Removing custom MIDISuperTrack from page one replaced description with MST number
  • Fixed: Track table auto scrolling to track with name change
  • Fixed: Cannot bring pickers to front when first opening bb app
  • Fixed: Scroll bar jumping between pages while scrolling
  • Fixed: MIDI notes stay on when playback is stopped
  • Fixed: Improved syncing between plugin and DAW
  • Fixed: Moved demo (play) button to style info area
  • Fixed: Bug when initializing Band-in-a-Box while tracks are playing or synced
  • Fixed: Chord sheet highlighting should loop back to beginning if past 256 bars
  • Fixed: Loading m_FEDORA.STY displays first chord as Gb instead of F#
  • Fixed: Plugin focus is lost when generation starts
  • Fixed: Update stereo/mono to be abbreviations
  • Fixed: Rename "Special" to "Extra" for tracks on the second page
  • Fixed: "Transpose" button resets when closing/opening
  • Fixed: Track scrolling is reverse on windows
  • Fixed: Ending repeat symbol is off screen
  • Fixed: 'ALL' icon should show on midi only gen of midi style
  • Fixed: 'ALL' icon should drag primary tracks (midi and audio)
  • Fixed: Enable right-click for menu buttons (File, Select, Generate Options)
  • Fixed: Custom RDs not generating in style
  • Fixed: MultiRiffs are not generating with 4 bar ending
  • Fixed: MultiRiffs are not generating all choruses
  • Fixed: Harmonies are not working
  • Fixed: Default for all render settings is now false
  • Fixed: Bar number gets cutoff when window height is large and width is small
  • Fixed: Issues selecting bars in the chord sheet
  • Fixed: Some songs in "Recents" menu were missing the file name
  • Fixed: Unfold should copy everything (time sig and tempo markers)
  • Fixed: Issues generating custom track on style page
  • Fixed: Local playback should be disabled during DAW playback
  • Fixed: Increase track font size for large plugin window
  • Fixed: Tip for Generate button was identical to Generate Options
  • Fixed: Plugin should not be able to overwrite song demo
  • Fixed: Riffs of selected region is not working in context menu
  • Fixed: P hotkey should keep the same bar selected
  • Fixed: Improved chord sheet zooming to snap to row
  • Fixed: Auto scrolling chordsheet during playback should move in pages
  • Fixed: Change "Master" track label to "Style Mix"
  • Fixed: Tag end should be removed if tag start and tag jump are removed
  • Fixed: Issues adding tempo/time signature changes in the chord sheet
  • Fixed: RT on Melody track does not get generated
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting sometimes flickers when local playback has finished

Summary of changes for build 722

  • Fixed: Possible crashes with the DAW plugin related to running multiple instances of bbw4.exe.

Summary of changes for build 721

  • Fixed: The Xtra Styles filter list did not include set 9.
  • Fixed: Step-advancing notes with the [ins] and [del] keys did not display on the Big Piano window.
  • Fixed: Step-advancing notes with the [ins] and [del] keys did not work if Big Piano or Guitar Window was focused.
  • Fixed: [Esc] key should stop sustaining MIDI notes when song isn't playing.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to type M, N, or R into the Song Memo window if Editable Notation mode was active.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to type M, N, or R when using Edit Current Chord in notation window.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to type minor chords while in Editable Notation mode.
  • Fixed: The [Cancel] button is not accepted after clicking [Choose] style in the Select Soloist dialog.
  • Fixed: "unable to write file to disk" error when cancelling Save Song As.
  • Fixed: Looping bars by typing L into the chordsheet did not work if the number contained a 3 (eg looping 13 bars).
  • Fixed: Email song file would fail to launch client email application.
  • Fixed: Drop station quadrant should not remain orange if a compression process failed.

Summary of changes for build 720

  • Fixed: It was not possible to enter the ^ character into the chordsheet if using a French keyboard layout.
  • Fixed: "Can't play this demo because another one is still in the process of initializing." error message when demoing styles.
  • Fixed: [#] genre filter menus did not work in localized versions.
  • Fixed: The StyleMaker button was missing.
  • Fixed: Drum transcription MIDI files fixed.
  • Fixed: Feature Browser could crash in some cases.
  • Fixed: Features in the DAWPlugin would not work if Band-in-a-Box was running.
  • Improved: Various improvements for localized versions.
  • Fixed: Saving preferences file fails with error "The file name is not valid."
  • Fixed: Some File Open dialogs did not filter for the required file extension.
  • Fixed: The notation window setting "Display Font Size %" is reset when opening or resizing the window.

DAW Plugin 2.6.8

  • Fixed: Normalize, Acidize, Flat, Dry Center options.
  • Fixed: Bar Changes dialog (stylechange, key sig changes).
  • Fixed: Drum transcription MIDI files fixed.
  • Added: Plugin creates language.ini file if none exists
  • Fixed: Chord sheet zoom does not dirty bit in DAW
  • Fixed: Plugin localization issues
  • Fixed: Clicking Generate on an empty page shows Completion message after 9 clicks
  • Fixed: Generate button does not work if there is no track in the first row of the current page
  • Fixed: Selected tracks reset when closing the plugin
  • Fixed: Current page in track table resets when closing the plugin
  • Fixed: Dragging the playback position in the plugin while tracks are muted produces noise

Other RealTracks Improvements
  • Fixed: Silent chords on Bass, Acoustic, OldTimeHappyDance Ev16 125
  • Fixed: RealTracks audition demos for RT3447, 3419, 3479, and 3498 were silent.
  • Improved: Better transcriptions, with bends, slides, etc. added to:
    Instrumental Studies 12 - Rhythm Changes Jazz Guitar Soloing
    Instrumental Studies 13 - Jazz Blues Guitar Soloing
  • Improved: Transcriptions, simple tags available and riff selection improved
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalCinematicLowTuneSteadyDarin Ev16 110
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm MetalCinematicLowTuneChopDarin Ev16 110
    Bass, Acoustic, AmericanaMountain16thsAB Ev16 070
    Bass, Electric, SkaPunkPopAB Ev 180
    Bass, Electric, SkaClassicAB Ev16 100
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SkaSlow Ev16 100
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist RhythmChangesOlly Sw 140
    Bass, Acoustic, JazzBluesNeilAB Sw 140
    Flute, Background BossaLounge 140 (1TrackHornSection)
    Horn Section, Background BossaLounge2-partOctaves Ev 140
    Horn Section, Background BossaLounge3-part Ev 140
    Sax, Alto BossaLounge 140 (1TrackHornSection)
    Trumpet, Muted, Background BossaLounge 140 (1TrackHornSection)
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm GospelCool Sw16 075
    Vocals, BackgroundSoloist GospelCoolSoulful Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCool3-part Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCool2-part Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolHighDbl Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolHigh1 Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolHigh2 Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolMedDbl Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolMed1 Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolMed2 Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolLowDbl Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolLow1 Sw16 075
    Vocals, Background GospelCoolLow2 Sw16 075
    Vocals, BackgroundSoloist GospelCoolSoulful Sw16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompOlly Sw 140
    Sax, Alto, Soloist RhythmChangesPJ Sw 140
    Bass, Acoustic, FolkSlowSwing Sw 085
    Bass, Electric, AmericanaSyncSteveAB Ev16 085
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Americana16thsDelayBrent Ev16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist AmericanaGritty16thsBrent Ev16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist NashvilleRadioBalladDanny Ev16 075
    Bass, Acoustic, OldTimeHappyDance Ev16 125
    Bass, Electric, RockHeavy8thsDoug Ev 120
  • Improved: Transcriptions improved:
    Bass, Electric, RootsyFunkAlex Ev16 110
    Bass, Electric, NashvilleRadioBalladAB Ev16 075
    Bass, Electric, LoungeFunkAlex Ev16 080
  • Fixed: Bass, Fretless Electric Pop8thsRene Ev 085 was not playing sus chords.
  • Improved: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm BritPsycPopBalladHighDelay Ev 065 has improved riff selection.
  • Improved: Transcriptions available and the riff selection has been improved
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm PeruValsCriollo Ev 140
    Quatro, Rhythm Joropo68Ramon Sw 060
    Vihuela, Rhythm MariachiRanchero Ev 120
    Bajo Sexto, Rhythm NortenoRamon Ev 120
  • Fixed: The tablature was not displaying properly on the correct channels for these MIDI SuperTracks:
    Bass, LoungeFunkAlex Ev16 080, Bass, SkaPunkPopAB Ev 180
    Bass, NashvilleRadioBallad Ev16 075
  • Improved: Notation is more accurate for:
    Guitar, Acoustic, Rhythm CelticPolkaFastReelQuinn Ev16 140
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticHornpipe Sw16 070

Summary of changes for build 717

  • Fixed: "Allow multiple instances of Band-in-a-Box to be running" would be ignored if unchecked.
  • Fixed: The media player in the RealTracks Picker was not working properly.
  • Fixed: Demo player in the Hi-Q patch selector dialog was not seeking properly.
  • Fixed: Buttons in Custom toolbar are not draggable.
  • Fixed: After assigning a new RealTrack, the notation window track buttons did not update.
  • Fixed: RealTracks are silent if added to a track that currently contains a MIDI plugin.
  • Fixed: Audio Edit page should not automatically scroll during playback if user is dragging mou
  • Improved: Bootup log includes times for individual DX plugin scanning.
  • Improved: The plugins window has a new [Hide] button for maximizing space for the plugin'S GUI.
  • Improved: Serial number entry is improved for convenience.
  • Fixed: Possible access violation during bootup.
  • Fixed: Avast will deem Band-in-a-Box as unsafe and silently block it (affects both program and plugin)

Summary of changes for build 715

  • Chord sheet videos might be full with random white rectangle artifacts if rendering to a larger resolution file.
  • Possible crash when using the Audio Chord Wizard.
  • Dropping a MusicXML file onto Band-in-a-Box, and then choosing [Yes] to import the file causes an access violation.
  • Band-in-a-Box will freeze during bootup if intrface.bbw is corrupted.
  • 7#9 chord does not display if using the BeStPlain chord font font.
  • If higher sample rate or higher bit depth are selected prior to rendering to mp3, m4a, or wma, the process will fail with error -1072875847 or -1072875852.
  • Using space bar to start song from beginning should not always cause the song to re-generate.
  • If importing a MIDI file, drum notes with duration zero do not play.
  • Edit > Song Form > Unfold does not remove the tag ending.
  • Changing multiple bars in the Bar Settings dialog will not be displayed on the chord sheet or title bar.
  • Issue with ties in loading XML files.
  • Some .mxl files would not load.
  • Melody > Generate Soundtrack > Load Soundtrack song... causes "File problem" error.
  • Misc. Feature Browser and PDF manual updates.
  • Several of the "1TrackVocalSection" variations of the "RockNRollGospel12-8 Vocal Mmms" RealTracks were broken
  • Updated: PDF Manual and help file routine updates.

DAW Plugin build 2.5.25:

  • "Open Recent" opened file chooser dialog
  • Unfold feature not working with some songs
  • Choruses not resetting when playback is stopped in DAW
  • Chord superscripts
  • Clicking zoom many times will crash standalone plugin
  • Undo removes all chords after opening a song
  • Buzzing sound in Studio One
  • Plugin determining chord accidentals now matches main program
  • Removed alert menu when sync playing tracks that are not up-to-date (generated).
  • Cancelling generate made song lose "dirty" state
  • All selected tracks should drag from the plugin
  • Shortcut file feature not working always working. Support was also added for pgshortc.txt files
  • Double clicking grey area in chord sheet started playback
  • Bar highlighting skipped last chorus when the start bar is greater than 1
  • Right-click on bar should first launch popup menu
  • Double clicking anywhere on a track should open its picker
  • Opening plugin when the DAW has altered tempo shows sync tempo indicator despite the match
  • typing roman numerals in Normal display makes them show as superscripts
  • Dragging tracks not working properly
  • Changing track does not delete old file (if not dragged).
  • Selected Host shows duplicates in the list
  • Double clicking on empty track should not launch a picker
  • Generate state should reset when all tracks are replaced
  • Added: About to File Menu
  • Added: "year" to plugin name
  • remove sync tempo button if already synced
  • improve 2 finger scroll (too fast)
  • Issues transposing chords correctly
  • "Key" field shows unrelated text
  • Auto-Generate runs after File->New and previous style is loaded
  • Sync tempo button not working
  • Issues with focusing plugin when running bbApp
  • Not repainting after opening track context menu
  • Problem transposing chords to "natural accidentals" when explicitly typed in "unnatural" way (ie: Cm chords in Key of C)
  • Closing plugin window in DAW should close any open bb windows for that instance
  • Issues remaining with scrolling
  • P should be a hotkey for part marker toggle (but not interfere with entering titles etc).
  • Nashville Notation font
  • Issue calling bbApp to localize strings when changing language
  • File-New should preserve the style name
  • add checkbox to toggle buttons
  • Added: Shortcuts file feature
  • Cannot enter some chords in chord sheet
  • Generate makes VST jump to background
  • Added: opening song file with wav of same name should load it into audio track
  • "Generating Style" not translating properly
  • scroll wheel on mouse wheel not scrolling track table
  • make flashing generate more subtle (maybe small light indicator like tempo sync)
  • focus taken from plugin when initializing band-in-a-box
  • get focus for all windows in bbapp
  • up-key and down-key not going to empty page in track table
  • adding audio file from master + menu adds it to audio track
  • Visual transpose +0/+12 not working in alternate chord displays
  • Visual transpose increases bottom label size on every change
  • Visual Transpose not saving properly
  • Visual transpose not resetting when starting new session
  • SavedTracks folder can't be external
  • pulsating buttons
  • unfold/fold should not trigger "Song Is Dirty"
  • adding/changing track after generating should trigger "Song Is Dirty"
  • generated added/changed track should not trigger "Song Is Dirty"
  • close bbApp if open when changing folder paths
  • bb connection icon not repainting after style picker

Other RealTracks Improvements:

  • Simple options now available for these MSTs:
    Piano, Soloist RhythmChangesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Soloist JazzBluesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Rhythm JazzBluesCompMiles Sw 140
  • RealCharts improved for:
    Bass, Electric, MerengueAB Ev16 130
  • Simple tags added, and better transitions between chords for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Soloist RhythmChangesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Acoustic, Soloist JazzBluesMiles Sw 140
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzBluesCompMiles Sw 140
  • The abbreviated name for 'Fiddle, BackgroundSoloist MommasPrayerAndy Sw 085' had "Mandolin" in the name.
  • This RealTrack will work slightly better over all chords:
    Fiddle, Background WesternSwing Sw 190
  • RealCharts were incorrect for:
    Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Songwriter16ths Ev16 075
    Guitar, Acoustic, Fingerpicking Songwriter16thsHigh Ev16 075
  • Better transitions for:
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm CountryPopBrent12-key Ev 085
  • Improved RealCharts for:
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist CountryBluesRock Ev 110
  • Simple option now available, and better transition between chords for:
    Guitar, Resonator, Background CountryWaltzRandy Sw 110
  • Simple option now available for:
    Guitar, Resonator, Rhythm Folk8thsRandy Ev 085
  • Simple options now available for these RealTracks & MIDI SuperTracks:
    Piano, ElectricVintage, Rhythm RockabillyMike Sw 190 (MST)
    Organ, Rhythm BluesSlow128Mike Sw 065 (RT & MST)
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm GypsyJazzJohn Sw 190 (RT)
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzClassicJohn Sw 110
  • Some chords were playing incorrectly for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm FolkSlowSw16Mike Sw16 060 (RT)
    Piano, Rhythm FolkSlowSw16Mike Sw16 060 (MST)"
  • RealCharts & simple version now available for:
    Bass, Acoustic, OldTimeFastWaltz Sw 165
  • Simple options available for:
    Cello, Background CelticAirFlowingNatalie Ev 085
    Cello, Background CelticHornpipeFlowingNatalie Sw16 070
    Cello, Background CelticWaltzNatalie Ev 100
    Cello, Rhythm Celtic SlipjigChoppingNatalie Sw 110
    Cello, Rhythm CelticHornpipeChopNatalie Sw16 070
    Cello, Rhythm CelticJigChoppingNatalieAB Sw 110
    Cello, Rhythm CelticReelChoppingNatalieAB Ev16 110
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist LaidBackBluesyBrent Ev 100
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist PopBalladBrent Ev 065
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist RnBPopBrent Ev 110
    Guitar, Acoustic, Soloist Slow12-8Brent Sw 040
    Guitar, Electric, Background CinemaHeldHighDarin Ev16 090
    Guitar, Electric, Background CinemaHeldLowDarin Ev16 090
  • RealCharts now available for:
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm AtmosphereWaltzArpDarin Ev 120
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm IslandGroove Ev16 100
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm SkaFastPunk Ev16 180
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm CelticReelDADGAD Ev16 110
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm RumbaFlamencaBallad Ev16 090"
  • Some issues with RealCharts fixed:
    Guitar, Nylon, Rhythm AndesHuayno Ev16 085"
  • Improved "Hi-Q" RealCharts for:
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPop16thsHighZane Ev16 0
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopSlow16thsZane Ev16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopSw16Zane Sw16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm ModernPopSwingZane Sw 085
  • Improved chord transitions for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm TrainBeatJohn Ev 130
  • Some wrong notes fixed for MIDI Supertracks:
    Piano, Solo-Accompaniment CountryPopJohn Ev 085
    Piano, Rhythm PopWaltz Ev 180"
  • Improved RealCharts for:
    Bass, Electric, IslandGrooveAB Ev16 100
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzBluesCompOlly Sw 140
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist JazzBluesOlly Sw 140
    Sax, Tenor, Soloist JazzBluesPJ Sw 140
    Steel Drum, Rhythm IslandGroove Ev16 100"
  • Minor fixes for:
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RockNRollJohn Ev 165"
  • Simple tags available for these MSTs:
    Shakuhachi, Synth, Background NewAge Ev 110
    Synth, Rhythm Rock80s Ev 120
    Bass, Synth, Rhythm JazzFunkFat Ev 110
    Koto, Synth, Rhythm NewAge Ev 110
    Synth, Background JazzFunkLead Ev 110"
  • Improved transcriptions, simple tags available and riff selection improved
    Bass, Acoustic, Soloist JazzBluesNeilAB Sw 140
    Sax, Tenor, Soloist JazzBluesPJ Sw 140
    Sax, Tenor, Soloist RhythmChangesPJ Sw 140
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm NashvilleRadioBalladDanny Ev16 075
    Bass, Electric, AmericanaPop8thsSteveAB Ev 100
    Bass, Electric, Americana16thsSteveAB Ev16 075
    Guitar, Electric, Rhythm Soca Ev16 120
    Bass, Electric, AmericanaSlow12-8SteveAB Sw 040
    Guitar, Electric, Background SocaSingle-note Ev16 120
    Guitar, Baritone Electric, Background AmericanaTremBrent Ev16 075
  • Some endings were playing incorrectly:
    Piano, Electric, HeldChords 120
  • Simple Tags added for these RealTracks:
    Guitar, Electric, Soloist BossaSlow Ev 085
    Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm IslandJohn Ev 110
  • Other RealTracks updated as needed if there is a newer version available.

Summary of changes for build 713

  • Fixed: Rendered audio files might be silent if mono and 24 bit are selected.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when rendering to audio at 48.0kHz or 96.0kHz sample rate.
  • Improved: Better support for localized versions.
  • Fixed: Importing audio files that were 96 kHz sampling rate would fail.
  • Fixed: The [More Info...] button in the Artist Browser dialog would launch the wrong web page.
  • Fixed: Importing an ABCNotation file would not include the key signature.
  • Fixed: ABC files only opening some chords.
  • Fixed: Problem storing minor keys.(ampersand).
  • Fixed: A few artists not displaying properly in Artist Browsers.
  • Improved: RealDrums Picker information for the 2020 RealDrums has been updated/improved.
  • Fixed: Some of the RealDrums from the 2020 release did not have drum groove names.
  • Improved: All of the 2020 MIDI SuperTracks now have memos.
  • Fixed: Some RealTracks were listed under the incorrect Set# in the RealTracks Picker.
  • Fixed: _Gentle style from Xtra PAK 4 had an acoustic guitar set to Held mode.
  • Fixed: Some ska style demos had drum drop outs.
  • Fixed: Rendered files were not being normalized.
  • Fixed: Pressing spacebar in the Notation window might launch a web browser instead of starting playback.
  • Fixed: Practice window | Master Solos | Blues Piano, displays N/A.
  • Fixed: MusicXML files created by Band-in-a-Box cannot be loaded by Band-in-a-Box if song title contains & (ampersand).
  • Fixed: Japanese lyrics are garbage text when saving to MusicXML.
  • Fixed: Various animations (eg. Guitar window notes) would freeze during playback if using MME drivers.
  • Fixed: With some computers, distorted audio when soloing a track.
  • Fixed: Changing a custom track label had no option to Undo, and did not prompt user to save song.
  • Updated: Manual/Help [routine updates]
  • Fixed: When re-saving a song that has an audio track, the audio track was not copied.
  • Fixed: Dropping a song file onto Band-in-a-Box did not set the current directory.
  • Fixed: The RealTracks picker window should remember its location when reopening.
  • Fixed: The Piano Roll window was opening at the wrong bar location.
  • Improved: Better quality audio resampling when rendering audio to higher sample rates.
  • Fixed: Resampler quality setting in ASIO drivers dialog was ignored.
  • Fixed: Using WAS audio drivers with 24 bit & 48kHz output rate might result in noise.

Summary of Changes for DAW Plugin Update 2.4.5

  • Fixed: Opening Band-in-a-Box song files (.sgu) would fail if the file names and/or paths contained any European language characters (eg. à,è).
  • Fixed: Message if bbw4 has no valid handle
  • Fixed: Mute and sync buttons not working properly
  • Fixed: Clicking cancel would lag before cancelling
  • Fixed: Right-click anywhere on track for context menu
  • Fixed: Increase maximum chord sheet font size
  • Added: Double click track name to launch picker of currently selected track
  • Added: Flashing GENERATE button to notify if song needs to be regenerated
  • Added: Mute and sync buttons to track context menu
  • Added: Right-click chord opens bar settings menu at that bar
  • Added: Error code for bbw4 related error messages
  • Fixed: Plugin asking to save when booting the plugin and selecting File/Open
  • Fixed: Crash when running vst3 plugin in reaper
  • Fixed: Scroll bar margins when resizing plugin
  • Fixed: Bar settings not saving
  • Fixed: Time Base, and Natural Arrangement not saving settings
  • Fixed: Calling bbw4 when already open will bring windows to front
  • Fixed: Tool tips in Preferences Dialog
  • Fixed: Time signature should be set from DAW when first opened
  • Fixed: Set "..." colours for truncated chords to black
  • Fixed: Selected track in table should be more obvious
  • Fixed: Click YES to Save dialog and then cancel will reset save state to true
  • Added: Right click for track table context menu
  • Added: Medley/Multi (thickening) feature

Summary of changes for build 709

  • Fixed: If opening a song from version 2019 or earlier, any Audio Chord Wizard bar lines might be offset.
  • Fixed: Access violation in Song Titles browser if no song is selected when clicking [Close].
  • Fixed: If running the Feature Browser from one of the [?] buttons, the [Do It] would not "do it".
  • Fixed: The Drop Station would not update if dropping a file onto Presonus Studio One.
  • Fixed: Dragging from the Drop Station directly onto Band-in-a-Box should only be allowed if dragging onto the Audio Edit window.
  • Fixed: Dropping an audio file in Audio Edit window should assume location zero if dropping outside of the wave area.
  • Updated: Many of the memos in the RealTracks Picker.
  • Improved: Drum transcriptions for several RealDrums have been improved or added. This includes BossaBrazilBrushPercAlex^, BluesRock128^, AmericanaSlow128Fred, BossaBrazilPercAlex^, BossaBrushesPerc^, HipHop, RockHardModernEv8^, SmoothJazzBallad^, PopRockWaltzEv,SideStickHat,Ride
  • Improved: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm JazzBluesCompMiles Sw 140 (RT3507) and Bass, Acoustic, JazzBluesNeilAB Sw 140 (RT3476) play better as rhythm styles with more natural sounding phrase selection.
  • Fixed: Guitar, Electric, Rhythm JazzBluesCompOlly Sw 140 (RT3480) was silent over some chords.
  • Improved: Piano, Acoustic, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompMiles Sw 140 (RT3506) and Guitar, Electric, Rhythm RhythmChangesCompOlly Sw 140 (RT3471) have smoother playing on some chord types.
  • Improved: Bass, Acoustic, RhythmChangesNeilAB Sw 140 (RT3476) Improved riff variations for some chords, smoother playback.

Summary of changes for build 708

  • Added: Several Drums transcriptions added (SurfRock, Shaker, and Bongo styles).
  • Updated: RealTracks memos for the RealTracks Picker are improved/updated.
  • Fixed: 2020 Tooltips may not have displayed correctly or at all.
  • Added: Some new styles and demos added to MIDI SuperTracks Set 31.
  • Added: Many new styles and demos added to RT Sets 329-352, and the bonus PAK.
  • Fixed: Crash with error "external exception C06D007F" while launching if using Windows XP.
  • Improved: Feature Browser button.
  • Fixed: The Piano Roll window was not redrawing after Edit > Undo.
  • Fixed: The Delete key was not working in the Piano Roll Window.
  • Fixed: Possible Invalid pointer error when using the Guitar Chord Solo generator.
  • Fixed: Blank icons in the StyleMaker window.
  • Fixed: Access violation when generating audio harmonies.
  • Fixed: (DAW Plugin) Audio harmonized voices transcribed to separate tracks was not working.

Summary of changes for build 707

  • Fixed: If Band-in-a-Box is run as administrator, dropping files onto the main window did not work.
  • Improved: If Band-in-a-Box is run as administrator, the About dialog window title will include "running as administrator”.
  • Fixed: If running Band-in-a-Box in safe mode, the Audio Chord Wizard did not produce any chords.
  • Fixed: Possible freeze when importing compressed audio files.
  • Fixed: The Guitar window was not saving its width between program sessions.
  • Fixed: It was not possible to change the Guitar fretboard color.
  • Fixed: The Guitar window did not display the capo.
  • Improved: Guitar capo setting can be changed by right-clicking the fret position bar.
  • Improved: Feature Browser has more video links now.
  • Updated: PDF Manual/Help (routine updates)

DAW Plugin Update 2.2.8

  • Added: p hotkey for adding part markers in chord sheet.
  • Fixed: Dragging all Multi-Riffs only drags tracks 2 - 7.
  • Fixed: Plugin opens songs with flats instead of sharps.
  • Fixed: Tag shortcuts should auto enable tags.
  • Fixed: Adding tags with 1 chorus should show an error message.
  • Fixed: Plugin asking user to save when nothing was edited.
  • Fixed: Multi-Riffs not playing in sync with host.
  • Fixed: Midi sending empty messages during synced audio playback.
  • Fixed: GENERATE button only generating Multi-Riffs of entire song (even when section was highlighted).
  • Fixed: Octave doubling would be incorrect.
  • Fixed: Spurious log error messages.

Summary of changes for build 705

  • Added: Several "Multi" RealTracks added for vocals and horns (RealTracks Picker).
  • Fixed: Some RealStyles were being categorized as all-MIDI styles.
  • Fixed: File > Open Special > Open MusicXML File... was filtering out compressed .mxl files.
  • Fixed: Dropping a .musicxml or .mxl file onto Band-in-a-Box was not accepted.
  • Fixed: Audio harmonized voices transcribed to Soloist track should be on channels 1-4 instead of channel 2.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might freeze during bootup after upgrading Windows 7 to Windows 10.
  • Fixed: Audio artifacts at bar lines when using Equalize Tempos feature.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box would crash if selecting a Hi-Q patch on the same track more than once.
  • Fixed: The Audio Edit window did not always ensure that the current playback position was scrolled into view.
  • Fixed: When dropping an audio file onto the Audio Edit window, the "Snap" setting was ignored.
  • Improved: Thickened is displayed in RealTracks names in RealTracks picker (and other RealTracks picker dialogs), and on mixer for RealTracks names. In RealTracks picker, searching for word "thickened" will show only thickened RealTracks.
  • Improved: Speed of some operations when searching and filtering for styles.
  • Fixed: DAW Plugin - Rebuild and Fix buttons in RealTracks picker now called ReBuild and it justs rebuilds the RealTracks list.
  • Added: Many styles and demos added to MIDI SuperTracks Sets 30 and 31.
  • Added: Many new styles and demos added to RT Sets 329-352, and the bonus PAK.
  • Updated: PDF Manuals and help (routine updates).
  • Fixed: Medleys and Thickened RealTracks were not playing in proper stereo.
  • Fixed: Rendering to audio with a region of bars selected renders the wrong region.
  • Fixed: Rendering to audio with a region of bars selected causes the Choose Range dialog to appear.
  • Fixed: Drag & drop render to audio with region of bars selected causes corrupt .wav file if not 16bit, 44.1kHz.
  • Fixed: Rendering was a bit slower than necessary when exporting 16 bit, 44.1kHz.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box may become unresponsive after rendering to audio.
  • Fixed: The Sinsy Vocal Synth would fail if using the 64 bit version.
  • Fixed: When using the Sinsy Vocal Synth feature, the Import Audio File dialog is not needed.
  • Fixed: Various audio formats would fail to import.
  • Fixed: FakeSheet button in the Custom tool panel was not displaying the check mark.
  • Added: [Reset to Zero] button added to Import Audio File dialog.

DAW Plugin 2.1.5

  • Fixed: Generate Custom (This Page[]) not working
  • Fixed: Crash when opening saved plugin with part marker on bar 2 and
    none on bar 1
  • Fixed: A,B does not get entered into chord sheet
  • Fixed: Chords being displayed in Roman Numeral without user setting
  • Fixed: Plugin getting stuck while connecting to bbw4
  • Added: context menu option in style page to use existing RT as MR
  • Added: undo/redo functionality (chordsheet only)

Summary of changes for build 704 (Dec 2, 2019)

  • Fixed: Possible crash when starting playback if song contains audio track.
  • Fixed: Flickering in the Notation Window, especially during playback.
  • Fixed: Flickering in the Piano Roll window.
  • Fixed: Help menu item "Activate Band-in-a-Box" should say "De-Activate" if the user is already activated.
  • Updated: PDF manuals have miscellaneous fixes.

Summary of changes for build 703 (Nov 30, 2019)

  • Incorrect package/version problem when running download manager utility
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