Download the latest Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Windows update to resolve possible issues when playing demos from the StylePicker or other dialogs, enhance the included VST Plugin, display chord pushes in the Audio Edit window, and more!

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Summary of changes for build 728 (Aug 13)
  • Fixed: Possible Access Violation crashes (wmp.dll) when playing demos in the StylePicker after playing demos in other dialogs.
  • Fixed: The Roland Sound Canvas VA VSTi plugin is silent in the 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: The plugins window would not respond to plugin GUI resizes (eg. opening the FX panel in the Roland Sound Canvas VA).
  • Fixed: The floating Piano Roll window would go blank when opening the Notation window.
  • Fixed: The floating Audio Edit window would go blank when opening the Notation window.
  • Fixed: Chords in the Audio Edit window should display pushes (^ or ^^).

Summary of changes for DAW Plugin 2.10.9 (July 22)
  • Added: "Insert" and "Delete" options in chord sheet context menu (right-click)
  • Fixed: Tempo/time sig was sometimes appearing on first bar
  • Fixed: DAW playback bar highlighting was not accurate for tempo with decimal
  • Fixed: Bars in chord sheet were not highlighting on shift-click
  • Fixed: Chord sheet right-click was resetting highlighted bars
  • Fixed: Changed shortcut for deleting bars from "REMOVE" to "DELETE"
  • Fixed: Inserting/Deleting bars not working correctly in chord sheet
  • Fixed: Undo/Redo not working in chord sheet
  • Fixed: Text in track table not resizing automatically
  • Fixed: Minor resizing inconsistencies for chord sheet
  • Fixed: Pushes not working if note is lower case (ie: ^a, ^^d, etc.)
  • Fixed: Tags should disappear for 1 chorus and reappear for multiple choruses and not be set when not active
  • Fixed: Playback progress bar is not accurate if tags exist
  • Fixed: Zoom in chord sheet should preserve viewed area
  • Fixed: Plugin should check if rendered files exist and reset "generate status" upon change
  • Fixed: "Generate Needed" should flash anytime tracks are not generated/up to date
  • Fixed: Generating master track after other tracks does not individual tracks
  • Fixed: Crash after entering tempo with decimal (only allow integer or round to int)
  • Fixed: Placement of chord sheet visuals should not overlap and fit in the space given
  • Fixed: Plugin showing irrelevant messages when bb app cannot be found
  • Fixed: Changing total choruses during playback did not trigger "Generate Needed"
  • Fixed: "Selected Host" in Preferences said "Unknown" if DAW not in list
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