Still using Band-in-a-Box® 2019 for Mac? Download the latest update today to add a metronome when recording audio, smooth out the appearance of the RealTracks Picker window, fix a few reported possible crash issues, and apply many other improvements added with this free patch update.


Summary of changes for build 325 (August 18, 2020):

  • Fixed: Possible crash when closing StylePicker, if Amplitube GUI is visible.
  • Fixed: Band-in-a-Box might crash when demoing styles with user chords in StylePicker.
  • Fixed: Misaligned columns in the RealTracks Picker.
  • Fixed: Bar Based Lyrics and Section Text might appear upside down in the Lead Sheet window.
  • Fixed: Attempting to select a different font for Bar Based Lyrics in the Notation window options did not do anything.
  • Fixed: Sometimes the F12 key does not work for calling the Panic menu item.
  • Fixed: "Metronome During Recording" feature only worked if choosing to record MIDI.
  • Fixed: Access violation and program crash if adding a repeat to song that requires too many bars (more than 255).
  • Fixed: Possible crash when playing song with time signature changes.
  • Fixed: Rendering to M4A for iPhone would include an extra space in the file name.
  • Fixed: Possible crash when importing chords from MIDI file if using macOS 10.15 Catalina.
  • Fixed: Audio harmonized voices transcribed to Soloist track should be on channels 1-4 instead of channel 2.
  • Fixed: Chord Sheet videos were not in sync with “Include 2 bar lead-in” audio render setting.
  • Fixed: Chord Sheet videos were not in sync with “Delay at start (seconds)” audio render setting.
  • Fixed: Attempting to step-advance with the Guitar or Big Piano windows would not work for the the Piano track, displaying flash message "Piano track is empty, cannot step advance”.
  • Fixed: If using Italian keyboard layout, the # symbol could not be typed into the chord sheet using the dedicated option+à key combination.
  • Fixed: Drag and drop render will unfreeze tracks.
  • Fixed: Bar Based lyrics layer might contain unwanted line breaks which is apparent when pressing down arrow key.
  • Fixed: Program crash if auditioning a style demo that contained a % in the name.
  • Fixed: [#] filter menus did not work in localized versions.
  • Improved: Serial number entry is improved for convenience.
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