We've updated Band-in-a-Box® 2020 for Windows to remove uninvited high pitch noises when using mixer controls, applied faster opening of the drums window/MIDI monitor/Tuner when using the 64-bit version, fixed a few other user-reported issues, and updated the DAW Plugin with added bar markers for bar changes, resolved issues with running the plugin as a modal window in Reaper, and more!

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Summary of changes for build 729

  • Fixed: High pitch noise might be heard if using THIS SONG or ALL SONGS mixer controls to boost volume by a significant amount (eg +36 dB).
  • Fixed: Access violation and program crash if adding a repeat to song that requires too many bars (more than 255).
  • Fixed: Song generation might be skipped if previously using Play > Play Special > Play from Current Position - no Regeneration.
  • Fixed: The Drums window, MIDI Monitor, and Tuner would take a long time to open when using the 64 bit version of Band-in-a-Box.
  • Fixed: Songs with two drums tracks could have the main drums tracks playing fills at the wrong time.

DAW Plugin build 2.12.9

  • Added: Show bar markers for bar changes (red line in PM)
  • Fixed: Opening Preferences dialog does not take keyboard focus
  • Fixed: Count-in bars were missing from render of selected region
  • Fixed: Crash running plugin as modal window in Reaper
  • Fixed: Chord sheet disappears when loading song demo
  • Fixed: Selected cell in chord sheet moves unexpectedly
  • Fixed: Time Sig/Tempo changes not working in the plugin
  • Fixed: Bar highlighting not following time sig/tempo changes
  • Fixed: Preferences options "Pad Multi Riffs" and "Start Multi Riffs early/late" don't do anything
  • Fixed: Setting time base to triple stalls plugin
  • Added: bbw4_FlashMessageLog.txt file saved in Data folder from plugin activity.
  • Fixed: Normalize/Acidize was sometimes happening when turned off.
  • Fixed: Sometimes generating audible MIDI on a RealTrack.
  • Fixed: Was sometimes thinking a bar had custom info when it didn't.

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