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#625932 - 11/28/20 10:48 AM [RealBand Wishlist] More about notation [Resolved]
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Registered: 04/08/11
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As the 1/8th note and 1/16th note debate rages, how about if we address 1/4 note triplets and 1/2 note triplets? As it stands now I have tried every combination of ^, ^^, ^^^, ^@^%@^$# (which is what I end up yelling when none of the carat combinations work) but I can not make this software create 1/2 note triplets. I have come almost close, but then when I play the real guitar with it, the programmed parts are out of time.

I have tried many times to explain what I need to do with words and failed. One more try.

ONE and two AND three and FOUR and

The capitalized, bold beats are where I want notes (and drums) to play.

The whole "push" thing in notation is lost on me because my brain sees bringing a beat to the left on paper is a "pull", not a push. And there is no math that I see anywhere in manuals to define what amount of pulses a ^ "pushes".

It would be great to go to the chord sheet or track sheet, select a measure, and have a click box that says "1/2 note triplets" and then generate them.

I have a song waiting for this.

|G D Em | D 2 3 4| G D Em| D 2 3 4

where that first and third measure need to be half note triplets. But I can't program that.
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#628921 - 12/09/20 08:53 AM [RealBand Wishlist] Re: More about notation [Resolved] [Re: eddie1261]
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Registered: 04/08/11
Posts: 5571
Loc: Akron, Oh
I was programming this incorrectly, and in fact, after someone pointed this out with math and logic, what I wanted was not really 1/2 note triplets.
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