This is my first one for 2021. I hope it blesses!!

I’m A Willing Vessel Lord

Lord I want to be a witness, of your life in this world,
of how you gave your life at Calvary.
I’ll tell them three days later, you arose in victory,
You ascended to heaven to prepare a place for me.


I’m a willing vessel Lord, use me,
let me be a sample, to tell the world about thee.
I love to tell the story, of what you’ve done for me,
I’m a willing vessel Lord, use me.

There are so many in this day who haven’t heard,
the marvelous saving grace of your dear word.
They need to know the sacrifices that you made,
and that you’re coming back again for those who’ve prayed.

Repeat Chorus:

Every knee shall bow, and every tongue confess,
that you my Lord, are still the king of kings.

Repeat Chorus:

_BOONIES.STY booniesRockin EV8
1878; Fiddle, Soloist, CountryRob EV120 (Bluesy)
Roland VS-880 Multitracker
Shure SM-58 mic
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