Hi All
I would sure appreciate some professional help with this problem;
I'm using BIAB For Mac 2020 (420) Ultra-Pak;
Following are the facts.

59 Bar Song With Custom Setup
Style Is RealTracks Jazz Ballad With Pollwinners ( _JBSLBPS )
No Intro, No Ending
Song Form Sections = A B C D E F G
Bars / Section = 11-9-12-9-12-2-4
Each Section Has A Blue Part Marker For 1/2 Notes In Chorus 1 And 3,
And 1/4 Notes In Middle Chorus ( Vary Style In Middle Chorus )

In Chorus 1, Bass Plays 1/2 Notes Up Through Bar 44
In Chorus 1 Bar 45 It Arbitrarily Begins Playing 1/4 Notes
In Chorus 2 Bar 30 It Arbitrarily Begins Playing 1/2 Notes
In Chorus 3 Bar 17 It Arbitrarily Stops Playing Anything

Piano Comping Is Playing Changes, But Not Playing Sections Properly

Any assistance would be much appreciated