Quickly locate the details on a Band-in-a-Box® feature by clicking on the [?] within the program to launch the Feature Browser! You can also access this by typing "/" then [Enter] while in the Chord Sheet.

The Feature Browser allows you to quickly search and locate the details on a feature within the program. As you type in your filter string, the list of available information shrinks down to fit your criteria.

For example, type in "time sign" (notice the second word is not completed), and you'll see a list of topics that fit your search, and "Set Time Signature for a Range of Bars" is first on the list! Click [Do It] and that feature will open within the program (in this case, our "Set Time Signature" window) - how handy is that?!

Give it a try the next time you're wondering how to do something within Band-in-a-Box® - you'll quickly find this feature to be one of your favorites!

Learn more about the Feature Browser.
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