For string instrumentalists, Tabs often work much better than traditional sheet music. But so far, the Bass editing options in BiaB are very limited and quite unconvenient. That will most probably also count for Guitar Tabs.

Also it has been reported, that the tabs suddenly change.

For more detailled explanations see here:

Therefore I'd like to request better Bass Tab Editing Options - and the same for the guys with those thin strings wink - as well as, for sure, that the tabs will not suddenly change.

I've not checked out yet, if at least imported tabs will be kept permanently - but I guess that I should foresightingly include that to this request already :-)
BiaB Pro 2020; Windows 10
Bass: Intermediate; Piano: Beginner
I came to this forum in order to suggest feature improvements for non-professional musicians like myself that use BiaB mainly as a playalong tool and as a learning tool