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#716046 - 05/08/22 07:31 AM [RealBand Wishlist] Expand drum features of realband.
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Registered: 01/07/20
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Subject. Expand drum features in realband. A wish.


A lot of us , myself included cant afford fancy drum plug ins and expansion packs etc etc.
It can get very expensive. AND given that pg has recorded oodles of real drum tracks, heres some ideas. And i would propose that the following would attract more users to pg and rb.

One of the big hassles in a studio is getting drums down. Twas always thus.
Therefore i suggest expanding rb by an added 12 ‘special traks for drums’.
So 60 traks total. Given pc’s are now getting soo powerful i see no problem.

Lets look at the features of each drum trak.


..each trak could be audio or midi.
..each trak would ONLY contain ONE INSTRUMENT/sound. In the case of midi say a rb genned kick trak or whatever midi drum user chooses. In the case of audio rb genned kik or whatever drum trak. Eg kik or snare or whatever. A single drum sample. I stress no interspersing of various different samples. Each trak would be one audio or one midi drum TYPE.
Even percussion. Each trak would only have one type of percussion.
..if a chord sheet existed , then the genre of the 12 drum traks would follow the chord sheet style selected. Eg chord sheet is a jazz or rok or whatever style then the 12 traks genned would follow that style/tempo obviously. BUT if no chord sheet, maybe user just wants drum traks then there would an ‘override’ so user could build custom drum traks using individual rd drum sounds…or midi drums. an option lets say a user wants to override a pg drum type with their own , they could STILL plug in a trigger plug in or a sample plug in to override. Eg lets say i dont like the rb genned sound of the crash cymbal…just use a plug in. …vst new crash cymbal.
..heres a neat idea. Lots of users might create their own samples in a studio or on their home drum kit. THUS an added feature on each drum trak would be to allow override on each drum trak. Let me explain. Lets say i like the sound of my wifey clanking a spoon...on a water i can replace the drum sound on that trak with a clanking file open over trak select sound etc…then press gen and a spoons trak gets genned.
The WHOLE CONCEPT being a complete flexible drum trak creation/generation environment.
Please note, a part or whole trak can be regenerated…and finally…
..a very interesting drum fills feature to replace the way bar markers are used currently.
Which, is kinda a fudge. I havent completely thought this out yet, but the idea would be to put fills anywhere one wanted…maybe using the top time line in traks view. Ie put a F wherever you want a fill.
..maybe another idea might to provide 12 cels in a display whereby users could load up to 12 drum samples…one in each cel…then the user would press the gen button and rb creates a drum trak for each of the 12. Different each time gen button was pressed. Either following (with overrides) the style/tempo selected , or not.

Well thats it for me. Other pg users please contribute your own feature ideas.
the overall idea being a very flexible drum trak creation environment. similar how i might have recorded drums in the past in a big studio. eg a drum trak on a 2 inch 24 trak for each seperate drum sound type.

all i want for realband is a looong product life, and i see so many possibilities to broaden rb's appeal.

oldmuso (who isnt a

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#716137 - 05/08/22 07:31 PM [RealBand Wishlist] Re: Expand drum features of realband. [Re: justanoldmuso]
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but the idea would be to put fills anywhere one wanted[u][/u]

This makes allot of sense to me, like a type (a) fill in a type (b) section without changing the type (b) pattern.


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