Learn all about the 70+ new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2023 with our New Features Video:


0:00 Intro
0:20 New Content Summary
5:43 New Features Summary
8:12 What is Band-in-a-Box?
10:30 Basics of Partial Re-generation
14:28 Partial re-generation Options window
20:04 Changing RealTracks using Partial Re-generation
23:01 Editing RealTracks (copy/paste/erase)
27:38 More partial re-generation (Bootcamp 1 excerpt)
28:25 Playable RealDrums
34:45 Editing in the Piano Roll (highlighting and velocity)
38:02 RealDrum Fill with Playable RealDrums (Bootcamp 1 excerpt)
40:15 SynthMaster player
41:10 Chord track feature with SynthMaster & arpeggiator sounds (Bootcamp 2 excerpt)
50:26 Adjust octave of notes to fit note range (Bootcamp 2 excerpt)
52:12 Playable MIDI SuperTracks with SynthMaster
56:40 Master Track Volume Automation
59:29 RealTracks Stems (Bootcamp 1 excerpt)
1:04:31 RealTracks Stems, Crooner Jazz Horn Section Stems
1:07:13 Custom RealDrums Fills
1:08:53 Help for "Styles not found"
1:10:23 StylePicker enhancements:
-EZ-RealTracks/RealDrums folders
-Rebuild shows progress bar
1:12:19 RealTracks & RealDrums picker enhancements:
-column for stems
-filter for stems
-right-click menu, various items
-favorites/frequently used dialog improvements
1:15:38 Auto-save Band-in-a-Box song files
1:17:07 Copy Songs To Text feature enhancements
1:17:56 SongPicker enhancements
1:18:13 Display options enhancements
1:18:28 Option to hide red lines for bar settings
1:18:56 Generate intros can use chords from current song
1:19:22 Track right-click menu additions (Bootcamp 1 excerpt)
1:20:51 What add-ons do I have? additional information
1:21:02 Live audio input monitoring (Bootcamp 2 excerpt)

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