In another thread it was complained that if you drag a MIDI file from your browser into the BIAB chordsheet (very handy) you should not only get the data, but also the tempo map, according to features advertised as far back as 2021. But MIDI drag and drop from a windows browser does not import the tempo map, or other bar-settings such as meter changes.

HOWEVER – if you drag and drop an XML file it does import the tempo map and meter changes. It is easy to convert a MIDI to an XML with many programs, or even using online converters.

The curious thing is that I tried converting a MIDI file with existing tempo and meter changes into an XML and dragged it into BIAB and got the tempo and meter changes. BIAB would not import the tempo and meter changes from the original MIDI file, even though they were there all along. So, converting a midi file to XML is a great solution if you want to get the tempo and/or meter changes, and I noticed that the XML drag also imported lyrics, which MIDI did not.

But for some reason, MIDI is the only way to import patch information, which the XML does not do correctly. So, if you want to keep the same General Midi patches as the MIDI file you need to import the XML to get the tempo and meter, delete or mute the tracks, and then import the MIDI to get the same tracks with patches. Or if you want, you can just assign the patches from the XML yourself (but restrict them to the melody, soloist or audio tracks only, since the utility tracks cannot retain patch information after saving)

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