heres some ideas for a tips n' tricks video for rb.
cos new users might not be aware of the various deep tricks in rb.
(some of the following might also apply to ptw.)

1..bars view…show all the likkle tricks for copying bits across from a home track to other traks. how using the midi track pattern features eg dp files etc can be used to generate interesting 'synergies' with other drum traks eg creating interplays tween different drum traks to create different 'sound pictures' and thus saving possibly users buying midi pattern libraries.
also show how the midi pattern trak generators can be used also with rd generation to create the illusion of 2 drummers…as one basic example.
3..imho rb has a ton//wealth of great deep midi features (like ptw) that i suspect lots of new users might not be aware of (and existing users ?) and pass them by.
maybe explore those features in more detail ?? from simple tasks to more complex ? and the various 'views' from older classic view to all the other views ?
ie what can one do in each view ? focused on deep usage etc ??
4..ONE OF THE BIG PROBLEMS i see is possibly the many tricks in using the BIG LONG MENU (right clicking over a track.) is not fully understood by some users.
and more detail of useage/tricks in using that menu would help ?? going thru each item in the menu ??
5..a vid showing users how to lay down audio//midi traks quickly to get ones song ideas down fast without the need to gen rt's//rd's ie the traditional multitrack approach…then later once arrangement is finalised augmenting with rt's//rd's etc.
6..have a vid showing how useing only pg fx and plug ins the quality of the song result and how by copying a trak to another trak and off setting a teeny bit the copy from the original a user can create interesting fx in conjunction with the pg supplied fx. (ie maybe saving
the user spending on commercial added third party plug ins.)

i have other ideas also…but the above will suffice for what i consider is a very unique piece of software for music production which i suggest is very underestimated by many people who might just have a cursory glance at it.
the problem i see being BECAUSE it has SO MANY deep features as requested by users over the years that this very variety/depth of features might be a problem for a new user.
SO any vids showing the many neat ways to use rb (and ptw) might help alleviate any reticence on the part of a new user.



ps going for my morning walk with my wife this morning i had another idea. how about in each of the rb 'views' showing not just what the view can do (as many people just dont like reading but also more tips n' what can i do with the midi monitor view ?
what can i do with each plug in ? eg i doubt there are many users who realise rb has a 'click' removal plug in.
i used this recently in rb to remove a particularly naughty click in an old tape master. worked a treat after trying various settings.

btw i didnt put up a red icon..dunno how it got there
now deleted.

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