The best just got better

A New, FREE Norton Music Fake Disk #2 upgrade is available to anyone who purchased Fake Disk #2 (The Pop/Rock Fake Disk) from Norton Music.

Thousands of new styles have been added to BiaB since we first compiled this e-disk back in the 1990s. Plus, we are much better at making these disks than we were back then.

We spent well over a year revising this e-disk, assigning new styles, and doing many other things to make the chord progressions portray the songs more faithfully.

It's a much better product now, and we are offering this update to you for free. WHY FREE? Because we think it's the right thing to do.

As usual, the new styles are MIDI, but the BiaB robot should suggest a Real Style for most of these songs. Why MIDI? If I assigned a Real Style, BiaB would not recommend a MIDI style, so choosing MIDI is the only way to get both MIDI and REAL suggestions to you.

In addition, many of the tricks we used to coax a more faithful rendition of the song will only work in MIDI. As always, I recommend that you listen to both the MIDI and Real version to see which one you like better.

How to get your free upgrade? I just completed sending individual e-mails to all the users in my database that have a current e-mail address. If you didn't get your e-mail:
  1. E-mail Norton Music (norton @ <- remove the spaces
  2. Put "Free Fake Disk #2 upgrade" in the subject line
  3. Include your current physical and e-mail address. If you have moved since you bought the disk, let me have that address too, and I'll update my records
  4. I'll check my records, and if I have you down as purchasing Disk #2 from me, I'll e-mail the upgrade to you. (Be sure to put my e-mail in your address book, so the anti-spam robots don't nuke it. I won't know it if they do.)
  5. PLEASE, BE PATIENT — I'm doing this by hand, one at a time, and I'm still a gigging musician. If it's been a couple of weeks since you asked, try again. Sometimes e-mail gets lost.

Note: I'm posting this in the Off-Topic forum, and copying it to the Windows and Mac forums to make sure everyone sees it. Please pardon the redundancy. Thanks.

I hope the update gives you endless hours of pleasure.

Bob 'Notes' Norton ♫

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