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#752061 - 02/02/23 05:02 PM [Off-Topic] Reaper Update Log Epic
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Registered: 12/08/02
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Just saying...

Reaper is well known and famous for its frequent updates. For what can be concidered a mature product, V1 released V1 in 12/2005, these new features and bug fixes are epic with each update. Reaper V6 released on Dec 7, 2019. So 74 updates in past 3 years 2 Months.

By the way, the [t=#] at the end of many lines identifies the bug/request to allow traceability. Here is todays update:

REAPER 6.74 is available, with the following updates:
+ Accessibility: improve descriptions of ReaEQ/ReaPitch/ReaDelay enabled buttons
+ Accessibility: improve ordering of controls in GetUserInputs() API
+ Accessibility: set description for FX active (bypass) checkbox
+ Accessibility: improve keyboard navigation/screen reader behavior for sends in track routing menu
+ Accessibility: improve screen reader behavior for hardware output list in track routing menu
+ Accessibility: add higher-contrast default I-Beam (time selection) cursor
+ Actions: add action to play/stop (move edit cursor on stop)
+ Actions: respect group-disable setting in action to duplicate items [t=272939]
+ Actions: improve description of action to glue items to match menu description [t=275171]
+ Actions window: add join/heal, during/while as default synonyms
+ Actions window: update toggle states in response to actions [t=247947]
+ Actions window: when sorting by command ID, sort by identifier string [t=275016]
+ API: add midi editor play cursor preview override API for PlayTime
+ API: avoid performance issues due to old SWS versions flooding with calls to RefreshToolbar()
+ API: SetMouseModifier(ctx,-1,-1) will reset all modifiers to default for that context; SetMouseModifier(-1,-1,-1) will reset all modifiers to default for all contexts
+ API: add GetInputActivityLevel()
+ API: add support for audio control signal x2/y2 parameters in FX_GetNamedConfigParm() [t=274236]
+ Audio Units: fixed bridged plug-in parameter unit names and tail time change detection
+ Audio Units: respond to kAudioUnitProperty_ParameterList to update parameter list at plug-in request
+ Audio Units: support custom string displays for parameters [p=2456294]
+ CLAP: fix default path list on Windows [t=274405]
+ CLAP: support text_to_value to improve manual editing of envelope point parameters
+ Defaults: change snap-to-nearby-media-items to by default only snap to items on the same track as the current item
+ Dynamic split: respect track edit grouping when splitting grouped items
+ Envelope point editor: fix disappearing shapes after editing tempo/mute envelopes
+ Filtering: fix matching of accented characters at start of search filter
+ Filtering: support matching Unicode Latin Extended-A characters when searching for unaccented characters
+ Freeze: when freezing, preserve MIDI-only receives [t=275106]
+ Freeze: when freezing to mono/stereo, preserve audio sidechain receives [t=275106]
+ FX chain window: add menu item to cut FX including automation
+ FX chain window: improve list focus behavior when renaming instance
+ Grouping: reset automatic track grouping to default when creating new project
+ Group manager: fix redundant refreshes
+ IDEs: improve international keyboard support
+ IDEs: improve home-key behavior (thanks Giorgos Vougioukas)
+ IDEs: fix inconsistency in column indicators, improve behavior of Ctrl+End (thanks Giorgos Vougioukas)
+ IDEs: improve autocomplete behavior when using EEL2 namespaces [t=274334]
+ IDEs: improve behavior of panes and undo/redo [t=274972]
+ IDEs: smarter selection of suggested items on initial mousemove [p=2629534]
+ IDEs: suggest list does not respond to mouse movement when inactive [t=275197]
+ IDEs: fix loss of X position when scrolling vertically in some instances [t=274248]
+ JSFX: add mem_multiply_sum(), mem_insert_shuffle(), get_host_placement() [jss=mem_multiply_sum] [jss=get_host_placement]
+ JSFX: improve gfx_getchar() to return discrete unicode values when available [jss=gfx_getchar]
+ JSFX: extend slider_automate() to allow for touch recording [jss=slider_automate]
+ JSFX: if 'tags: instrument' is present in header, treat as an instrument [sdk=js/js.php#tags]
+ JSFX: improve manual editing of envelope points for parameters that have named values
+ JSFX: per-sample and per-automated-block performance optimizations
+ JSFX: support log/exp-scaled sliders for controls, specify :log or :log=offset after step size [sdk=js/js.php#slider_shaping]
+ JSFX: support polynomial-scaled fader scaling, default is square, specify :sqr for x^2 or :sqr=3 after step size
+ JSFX: support up to 256 sliders per FX, longer parameter names, very long lines [t=272052]
+ JSFX: throttle calls to gfx_showmenu() to prevent accidental annoyance [t=272767]
+ JSFX: support EEL2 preprocessing [sdk=js/preproc.php]
+ JSFX: update Super8, channel mixer to use preprocessor
+ Localization: improve support for various loudness-related displays
+ LV2: do not unload plug-in bundles on macOS or Linux [t=274448]
+ LV2: fix potential crash on macOS UI destruction [t=274448]
+ LV2: improve manual editing of envelope points for parameters that are named enums
+ macOS: fix ampersand drawing in tooltips [p=2628462]
+ macOS: improve compatibility of 'Open source file' mouse modifier dragging [p=2636376]
+ Media explorer: add action to calculate peak volume for all media (will skip files that have already been calculated)
+ Media explorer: do not allow shortcuts panel to be resized to exactly zero [t=215631]
+ Media explorer: fix action to open file in explorer with certain paths [t=274502]
+ Media explorer: fix button appearance on Linux when using DPI scaling
+ Media explorer: improve handling of RfxChain and FX preset files [t=265842]
+ Media explorer: support editing metadata via right-click menu for .mid files [t=274771]
+ Media item properties: improve start-in-source display in certain stretch marker scenarios [t=274036]
+ Media items: always account for media item label drawn above item when calculating vertical offset for overlapping items [t=272679]
+ Media items: fix potentially-dropped MIDI events at end of item [p=2625908]
+ Menu/toolbar editor: increase width of listview columns [p=2636334]
+ MIDI: when trimming items due to split, chase CC/pitch/etc
+ MIDI list editor: fix mousewheel action bindings [t=275224]
+ Mixer: add Cut menu items to FX context menu
+ Mouse modifiers: fix potential crash when deleting track via user-assigned action from media item click/razor edit click
+ Mouse modifiers: fix support for binding actions with small ID numbers to click/doubleclick contexts
+ Notation editor: fix UI quirks when the piano roll is set to project synchronized time base [t=260878]
+ Notation editor: improve layout when resizing, make limits affected by size [p=2032295]
+ Paste: improve behavior when pasting .RfxChain/.fxb/.vstpreset files into track or item context
+ Preferences: add setting in Preferences/Seeking to seek playback when clicking on media items
+ Preferences: fix searching when starting from a preferences page that is added by an extension [t=274326]
+ Project load: always show details of unrecognized project tokens
+ Razor edits: add action to enclose media items in separate razor edit areas for each selected media item, rather than a single razor edit enclosing all selected media items
+ Razor edits: add mouse modifiers to move razor edits without contents horizontally/vertically/on one axis only
+ Razor edits: add option to move edit cursor on razor edit change
+ Razor edits: fix adjusting media item length when using timebase beats (position only) [p=2627203]
+ Razor edits: fix envelope cut/paste (6.72 regression)
+ Razor edits: fix some behaviors when pasting razor edit areas to master track [p=2627688]
+ Razor edits: fix action to move razor edit areas up/down/forward/back without contents for master track [p=2630344]
+ Razor edits: fix restoring master track razor edits on project load
+ Razor edits: fix undo for razor edits on master track envelopes [p=2630348]
+ Razor edits: handle master track in action to move nearest razor edit edge to cursor [p=2630311]
+ Razor edits: improve behavior when "overlap and crossfade media when finalizing razor edits" enabled [p=2623951]
+ Razor edits: only copy fade-in/fade-out if the start/end of the media item is included in the razor edit
+ Razor edits: prevent moving razor edit areas to tempo envelope when using mouse modifier to move razor edit area ignoring envelope type [p=2627676]
+ Razor edits: support cut/copy/paste on project play rate envelope [p=2629413]
+ ReaEQ: correct label for band bandwidth parameter
+ ReaScript: add EEL2 mem_multiply_sum(), mem_insert_shuffle() [jss=mem_multiply_sum]
+ ReaScript: extend gfx.getchar() to return discrete unicode values when available
+ ReaScript: support EEL2 preprocessing [sdk=js/preproc.php]
+ Recording: fix $recpass000 wildcard when used in the middle of the filename [t=222312]
+ Recording: fix potential extra count-in measure being added with round-to-measure checked [t=274889]
+ Recording: improve behavior with MIDI replace recording mode
+ Render: display render statistics as list view in render progress window
+ Render: improve tab order around output format configuration
+ Render: support $takemarker(name) and $takemarker(name)[separator] wildcards [t=275011]
+ Render: swap order of close and back buttons after successful render
+ Render: update dialog when changing render region selection [t=274119]
+ Render: support wildcard case conversion for Unicode Latin Supplemental and Latin Extended-A accented characters [t=274162]
+ Routing window: display track parent name in routing dialog title
+ Routing matrix/track wiring: show if signal is present on audio/MIDI inputs
+ Routing matrix: improve record input selection indication on multichannel record inputs
+ Timestretch: add new ReaReaRea mode that uses randomized overlapped windows and project resampling mode [t=266425]
+ Timestretch: improve ordering of modes menu
+ Tooltips: prevent tooltips from occuring when window is inactive [t=233380]
+ Track grouping: items on edit-grouped tracks follow mouse-click take selection changes [t=274295]
+ Track grouping: prevent grouping razor edits on master track [p=2627694]
+ Track grouping manager: fix Unicode characters in group names on Windows
+ Track manager: fix visibility of collapsed child tracks when filtering [t=275048]
+ Track manager: fix gridline display when hiding columns on Windows [t=274194]
+ Undo: consolidate undo points when inserting multiple FX via action [t=274365]
+ Video: add get_host_placement()
+ Video: support EEL2 preprocessing [sdk=js/preproc.php]
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: fix entering center note via keyboard
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: improve keyboard navigation
+ Virtual MIDI keyboard: remove space from note names
+ VST: add compatibility setting to pass channel silence flags to VST3 plug-ins [t=274038]
+ VST: detect VST2 shell plug-in synth status using same logic as non-shell plug-ins
+ VST: improve multiprocessing performance with UADx plug-ins
+ VST: re-map automation by parameter ID if parameters change due to restartComponent
+ Windows: improve ASIO channel defaults, remember channel configuration per device
+ Windows: do not allow setting default ASCII keybindings to global, require manual remap first [t=275243]
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#752065 - 02/02/23 05:23 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Reaper Update Epic Log [Re: MusicStudent]
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That's why I cry when I come here.
If Gordon Ramsay was up on DAW's we should get him here.
I put some posts out trying to get knowledgeable users to come here to give improvement ideas, I was going to buy them Biab to test and use, but never got any response other than one user seeing the BBPlugin released and buying it only to not be able to use it as if was not working how it should for him so he gave up on the idea, how many others on this planet has done this ?
That's why I stay here posting n posting n posting in hope of a miracle.

#752085 - 02/02/23 11:08 PM [Off-Topic] Re: Reaper Update Epic Log [Re: MusicStudent]
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I'm still using v. 5, haven't sent any strong reason to update. Still, Reaper is undoubtedly one of the fastest, well designed and solid rock programs I've ever used in my life.

Fixing bugs and optimizing the code has always been priority #1 for them. It's incredible what is packaged in only...15 MB!
Using BIAB 2023, latest build.

#752096 - 02/03/23 02:31 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Reaper Update Epic Log [Re: MusicStudent]
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Each his own... I looked at Reaper and wasn't impressed. Been using Studio One for ages and love it.

Since there is enough Reaper traffic, I still am wondering if you all could use your own subtopic on this forum?


#752109 - 02/03/23 04:55 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Reaper Update Epic Log [Re: MusicStudent]
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Coming from Cakewalk Sonar and thinking I needed to find another DAW, Studio One was the choice. I have had Reaper on my system on several occasions. I used Reaper because there were a couple of people who used it, and it was easy to collaborate to communicate with them.

There are a lot of good DAWs. Pro Tools would be my DAW of choice if I were recording live instruments, especially drums.

It is a bit of work to change DAWs, and we most likely stick with what we have become accustomed to.

Reaper and Pro Tools would be the top two DAWs I would go to if I needed to change from Studio One.

New location, new environment, new music coming soon

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#752113 - 02/03/23 06:09 AM [Off-Topic] Re: Reaper Update Epic Log [Re: Planobilly]
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a tip.

re reaps. you dont necessarily have to use v6 with all the bells n' whistles.
if you want a simple daw try v2 or under which has enough features to lay down traks and runs pg plug ins (dx) as well as vst's.

coming from 2 inch 24 track tape machines (i started on v0.99 of reaps) v2 reaps in some ways might seem a simpler multitracking environment.
it really depends on ones needs. cos i did loads of songs
even before v2.

all i'm saying is people prolly jump to the lastest v6..
that might not need those features.
on the site are all the back versions if one wants to try a version.

in summary for me even before v2 it was rocking my world.

maybe this might help someone who just wants a simple recordn' playback daw that also allows plug ins and even at v2 has some nifty editing front of word a slight fade in to fix plosives.
SOOO... even v2 is choc full of features which i'm sure would have made many pro AE's (i'm not) smile back in the day.

happiness all.


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MY CRAZY SONGS....done with above.


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