Hi Noel,

Thank you so much for the comments. Hope you still liked it second time around.

You are so right about the "quiet" mixing technique. Something I only learned relatively recently but it has helped so much.

My main problem is always in mixing the vocal into the track and getting the right sound and feel on the vocal.

My problem is that I export the BIAB backing track to a 16 track Roland and record the vocals. Then mix the vocals from there and, when I'm happy - ish - export the whole lot back to the PC to master.

My problem is that the vocal is now part of the mix so whatever I do to the mix affects the vocal too.

I think I need to start recording the vocal directly to BIAB so that I have everything on separate tracks which, I assume, I could then open in Realband. Not that I've ever used realband, but it would allow me to use some of the excellent mastering and vocal software that is out there.

All I wanna do is write and sing lol........oh the pain...the pain!!

Thanks again for listening.

Music is what feelings sound like.