Well a little unusual to find all this "DAW setup" discussion over in this forum. I do think I saw someone suggest this be moved to the Off-Topic so this could be really worked out. Shame it hasn't been the song and vocals show a lot of promise and talent - but the vocals and not set right in the mix. Which is what Song_man can hear himself. I am sure the issues with Reapear and your computer (of which you never provide details) could be worked out. Heck we have had folks literally login remotely to newbees machines (ala Teamviewer) to do the necessary configurations.

Unfortunately Mr_Songman does not seem to be inclinded to invest the time and effort to bring the power of a DAW to solve the problem - I don't mean that critically, it just ain't for everyone . I think You did suggest going to a pro-shop to record and I agree, they will do wonders with your talent.

Good luck.