I wrote this in 1985 when I moved back to Wales, why should America have all the good road songs ?!?
It's another labour of love, this time 26 years worth!! and it finally ended in _FIDSBJF Blues Quartet w/fid and then via the "feel and tempo match" thingie in the styles select box bits were added and subtracted! The choir is me on my vsti Mellotron making a Male voice choir. I play piano and disto guitars and did actually get done for speeding on my last journey hence the sirens everything else is BIAB midi and vsti's especially Fruity Loops. Mastered in Cubase SX1 using the classic freebies and my Line 6 KB37 and gold plugin.

The cmon Wales bit refers to the Rugby World Cup match with France.... CMON WALES

M4 Boogaloo

Cymru AM Byth
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