This is a good song Eddie, it drew me in to the story.
The mix needs some EQ tweaking and a smidgeon of reverb on the vocal wouldn't go amiss. It sounded all mono on my headphones, was that intentional?

There was some panning on the rhythm guitars, and everything was totally dry. When I start playing with EQ and Reverb my songs tend to go to places I didn't intend them to go.... That's why I have to lean on people here for production help. This one I will play with though. I have good base tracks to start off with.

What's realy funny is that I have now played this back on my studio near fields, through headphones, on a laptop, on a desktop, on an iPad, on a smartphone, and in the car. It sounds really different depending where I play it. In the studio, the high end was crisp. In the car, it's bottom heavy and I have to EQ the car radio. Very strange.