Thanks, especially coming from a pro....

The tools PG gives us are amazing. RealBand is a "Real" sleeper.
Once over a few bumps, then off we go.
The guidance, links for free Plugins, and other support software
from you folks has been just as important as the PG software itself.

Listening to you folks music and results have helped immensely.

Still a grasshoper, not a master, but with great set of speakers,
my ATH-M40fs headphones off to the races. Well guess its not a race.

Will try something bit more lively, actually have quite a few songs
sitting on back burner.

Trying to get together set of nice dancing music for another CD.

Again thank you Noel!

Down The Street vs2015 12-03-2014
Win7, AMD QuadA8-5500,16GB,2TeraHD, Komplete 10
PG Ultra Plus 2016,Alesis 12USB, Sonar Platinum