You found yourself an excellent co-writer in this JSB dude!

This is another great-sounding mashup of classical and jazz sounds, with excellent use of BIAB RealTracks. Those parts sound like they were written and played for this piece and not selected from a construction kit (albeit a very clever and well-played construction kit as BIAB with RT is). In this case, the result is a very natural sounding and enjoyable piece of music.

Air on a G String always reminds me of space - one of my other hobbies (now mostly dormant) is playing around with a free but very accurate space flight simulator called "Orbiter." The default music for the Orbiter Sound add-on is a version of Air on a G String, which is great music for docking with the space station (Strauss waltzes are also nice).

Thanks for sharing,
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Tools: BIAB 2015, Sonar X3, various iPhone/iPad apps